Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 2012: Menu Plan

Here is my Menu Plan for the first two weeks of February or so. Much, but not all of it, is GF. The rest of the family eats "regular" bread items...but I sub GF ones for my portion.

  • We got a lot of bread products from "the cheap food store", and I put them in the freezer. The kids have been eating either a bread item (bagel, toasted bread, mini bagel or bagel thin) with a nut butter(some containing chocolate), or Oatmeal revolution! oatmeal, which we also got from the same store for fairly cheap.  The oatmeals are flavored, but not as processed as, say, the flavored Quaker oatmeal packets are.
  • Fried Potatoes with a bit of onion and eggs cooked in at the end have been a hit lately
  • Pancakes/waffles have been requested
  • Hubby has a big bowl of oatmeal.
  • I go with hot tea/raw honey/milk, and maybe a couple scrambled eggs or toasted Udi's bread with Almond Butter.

  • Often/usually leftovers
  • Sandwich made w/Udi's bread and Almond butter, or Hormel Naturals meat, or homemade tuna/chicken/turkey salad
  • Soup--I can make a pot of soup early in the week for me to eat each day.
  • Salad-greens and whatever else I scrounge up for protein (lunchmeat, leftover meat, cheese, beans, cottage cheese) and veggies, topped with EVOO, a sprinkling of italian or pizza seasoning, salt and pepper

  • Ham sandwiches with apple slices on the side
  • Tacos- Fish/Salmon? Hillbilly Housewife's? Pastured Ground Beef? Use corn tortillas for myself, regular for the family
  • Homemade Pizza--Homemade non-gf pizza crust for the family, GF tortilla or Namaste Pizza Crust mix as a crust for me (made first to reduce cross-contamination risk)
  • Ham&Beans and GF Cornbread
  • Chicken (Teriyaki?), Veggies and Rice
  • Hamburgers(use bread for buns), homemade coleslaw and raw veggie tray
  • Box Macaroni & Cheese (I know, I know, but it's the request of my son and it's his birthday!) and ?
  • Ground Beef or Turkey Enchiladas (make tortillas from Masa Mix to avoid extra fillers/additives/etc in regular corn tortillas, plus my Masa is from white corn and less likely to be GMO)
  • Homemade burritos- using storebought tortillas and canned beans to make filling, mine will be tostada-style on a corn tortilla made crispy in the cast iron skillet
  • Turkey Soup--turkey meat and broth and frozen veggies in freezer, rice shell noodles if desired
  • Pork Loin and ???(Cauliflower and some sort of pasta, salad?)
  • What's left of the junk food from last month: pudding cups, fruit roll-ups
  • Popcorn (butter/salt or butter/nutritional yeast/salt)
  • Kefir smoothies (read: Healthier Morning Orange Drink)
  • Pretzels and cheese (haven't found a GF pretzel that I love though...they're all so starchy!)
  • Apple slices and Cheese (my personal GF favorite)
  • Molasses bars (more like cake, though) from the back of the Namaste bag
  • Carrots sticks and homemade Hummus
  • Yogurt(w/ or w/o frozen berries)
  • Handful of nuts/seeds/dried fruit
  • Homemade GF Chex Mix
  • Nature Valley nut bars (GF)
  • Cottage cheese, maybe with a canned fruit(apricots?)

So, looking at how I went over the last calendar month and what I have to work with so far this month, I suppose I didn't do too bad!  Maybe I was just ahead of myself. That's the way it works sometimes.

I do need to go to the store for a few things, namely milk, mayonnaise, apples and some fresh produce. 
(Can you believe we ran out of mayo the other day, yet I have 8 different kinds of mustard? Not saying how many JARS I have in the stash though, lol!)