Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Writing on Helium is a site where writers can go and practice their craft. I've only stuck my toe in the water, but hope to write more in the near future.

Here is a link to my latest contribution, a poem about my miscarriage.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Dehydrate Apples: Using my new Excalibur Food Dehydrator

Aah, the smell of apples and cinnamon! Who needs chemical room fresheners when you can have the real thing and eat it too?

Apples are fairly inexpensive this time of year.  I picked up about 12 pounds the last time I went to the store.

Last week, I sliced up some of the apples and put them in my new Excalibur Food Dehydrator.  They turned out quite tasty and all but one of the kids loves them (as do I!). Dried apples make a great nutritious take-along treat for backpacks and to keep in the vehicle for the "I'm hungry" mantra I seem to hear a lot lately. Packing a little something in the car has often saved me a (unhealthy and expensive) trip through the drive-through.

The process is quite simple: Wash the apples (I try to get unwaxed apples if I can), core them and slice about 1/4".  I sprinkled them with Simply Organic Cinnamon(a Frontier product, also available at Meijer) and popped them into the dehydrator.

Some may choose to put sodium bisulphite or citric acid or some other anti-browning agent on their apples. I choose not to use these things because they are not necessary, are highly processed and are one more thing I don't need to be putting in my body. I don't care if the apples are beige rather than pristine white--and the cinnamon rather negates the whole idea anyway. 

I dried my apples for 11 hours at about 130*. If you are a raw foodie, you can do them at up to 125* for a longer period of time (specific instructions are included in the Excalibur book that comes with the dehydrator) , until they are dry and leathery, pliable but not brittle.. There should be no crispness when you bite into them.

Testing the warm cinnamon-y apples before they are done is a treat, too! And far fewer calories than apple pie!

The timer on my dehydrator makes it so easy to use. My apples got done in the middle of the night, the timer turned the dehydrator off and my apples cooled by morning so I could jar them up.

Each tray held one pound of apples. I did 5 pounds yesterday and they all fit in a gallon jar.

I wonder what I shall try drying next? I think I need to go find some more apples...

Monday, November 15, 2010

My first Chiropractic adjustment

I FINALLY went in today for my first ever chiropractic appointment. I've been toying around with the idea for over a year, since I know the immune system is connected to so many different parts of the body and I'd wondered whether I had something out of whack(how's that for a proper term?) and that was why I keep having to go in for "tune-ups" for allergies.

I'll spare you all the details, but the main part of my appointment I wish to report on is my shoulder/neck/jaw issues. What finally pushed me to make the appointment is that I have been dealing with minor TMJ and bruxism and last week my dentist told me I need to do something because my teeth are getting damaged. The dentist offered to make a mouth guard to the tune of over $200, but admitted that it wouldn't cure the grinding--it would only prevent more damage to my teeth.

I wanted to address the problem at the root, both to try to prevent more TMJ damage and to avoid wearing the dreaded mouth guard at night. I had braces as a teenager and STILL have dreams about wearing the stupid head gear and retainer! I absolutely hated those things and don't ever want to go back if I have any choice whatsoever.

I've had neck/head/shoulder tension for over 10 years. A year or two ago, a friend who does massage worked on my neck for over an hour but couldn't get it to loosen up and commented on the tension in the shoulders as well.

Turns out, the immune system is closely connected to the first rib(which was out). So, there very well might be a connection there.

So...we'll see how things go these next few weeks now that I've had that whole area adjusted.

I also got what I dubbed as a "free sample"(lol) of the Bax Aura. I don't recall what the handheld device's full name was, but they referred to it as a PTL. There is a program in it that is specific to TMJ and that was used on me as well. It has a laser-light that is shined(shone?) on the different points, just as the laser with the Bax3000 is used.  I am the second patient with this chiro to have the PTL used for that purpose, and the first patient was seriously considering surgery and had this done and has so far avoided surgery since it's gotten so much better.

Here's to good health! :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


This week I went in for a "tune-up" once my body had settled down from all the stress and stuff.  I just had a couple minor things to treat, but while I was there I was introduced to the BaxAura.

Let me tell you, this machine is amazing! I was impressed with it just with the 5 minute conversation about it. From what I understand, the machine tests with a cuff much like a blood pressure cuff rather than the finger clips used by the Bax3000. It also has the ability to make homeopathic remedies! It can also tie physical problems to emotional stuff that happened in the past.

We don't have the resources to put toward treatments with this system, but boy would I love to do it and post about it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers

The Lord has been good to us.  These last months I have been awash in the prayers of friends. God has given me a peace that passes understanding and while I don't completely understand why we lost our wee one, I know that one day we will meet that child in Glory.

It has been said that never is heaven so real than when you have a loved one that has gone there before you. This is so true! I lost my grandmother a month(almost to the day) before our baby died. So, I imagine grandma up there caring for my babe until I make it up there one day. I have no idea whether it works that way, but it's a comforting thought.

The last 6-7 months have been the most stressful our family  has gone through so far in our lives.  But the Lord has carried us through the storm and been with us all the way. There were days that I just wanted to wallow in grief, but He beckoned to me through the darkness and has brought me closer to Him.

I have learned some things about myself through this (not all of which I shall share online in the public domain). I have had my perspective on life changed and my view of the world around me sharpened a bit.  I have had certain things whittled away from my life(style) and hopefully I won't be trying to glue it all back on, because that just wouldn't be pretty. (Why do we try to put back what the Lord has taken from us? Wouldn't we rather be a masterpiece than a damaged piece of stone?)

In the midst of my grief, I was amazed at how the Lord made Himself known to me. The beauty of the world around me---the deep blue sky and bright pure white clouds nearly brought me to tears one day. Something we usually take for granted and don't even notice as we rush through daily life.

I need to take more time for the Lord and in His word, the Bible. There is so much to learn there.  There is much to be discovered in simply being still....and knowing He is God.  I am learning to listen for the still small voice of God in this busy world...and to do my best to do what He says.

I need to feed my me that very much includes music, reading/writing, creating, and finding time to be by myself.  Much as I love my family, I am an introvert and need that time alone to recharge.

I found it very healing one day as I was out near my plants and propagating...bringing new life from the old plants.  I enjoy gardening anyway, but found this act to be very symbolic. (I do that--see symbolism in things most people wouldn't notice. Don't know if it's just how I am, or if it's been ingrained in my with my English major education and reading and etc...)

I know this is all quite random, but I just wanted to post a little update. The Lord is at work--may we allow Him to do in us as He wishes!

As a friend posted the other day: If you are not willing that God should have his way with you, then, in the name of God, be miserable--until your misery drive you to the arms of the Father.

I find a lot of truth in that.