Saturday, November 13, 2010


This week I went in for a "tune-up" once my body had settled down from all the stress and stuff.  I just had a couple minor things to treat, but while I was there I was introduced to the BaxAura.

Let me tell you, this machine is amazing! I was impressed with it just with the 5 minute conversation about it. From what I understand, the machine tests with a cuff much like a blood pressure cuff rather than the finger clips used by the Bax3000. It also has the ability to make homeopathic remedies! It can also tie physical problems to emotional stuff that happened in the past.

We don't have the resources to put toward treatments with this system, but boy would I love to do it and post about it!


beth said...

There have been great results with the AURA. Most doctors will work out a payment plan - it is worth it in preventive care and will save you $'s in the long run.

Tanya said...

Thanks for reading and for your reply. :)
Unfortunately, even a payment plan would be too much for us at this time.
I have been through the Bax3000 (BioAllergenix/BioVeda) and continue going for "tune-ups" as needed(which I'm told is rare-most people don't need the extent of treatments as I have had.) Results have been positively life-changing with the Bax3000.
I have quite recently(as in: today) had my first actual chiropractic appointment and feel that what "extra" money I have was better spent there today than for a BaxAura appointment.(see coming post for a report)
I am still intrigued with the BaxAura, though, and would love to take advantage of the program some day. I am sure it will do a lot of people good. :)

Kristi said...

I was looking back over some of your posts Tanya and noticed you mentioning that you avoided the food you were treated for after a treatment until the next day. Kaden was treated with the Bax Aura and he only had to fast from everything for 3 hours after treatment and then he could have anything, even the items he was treated for. She scans and treats in groups now so his treatment for all the food he's allergic to was just $85 and then if we went back for the environmental grouping ,it would be another $85. Not too bad I did not think? Has that changed since when you were there??

Tanya said...

Kristi-yes, with the Bax3000 I do have to avoid until the next day (1 full sleep cycle).
That sounds great to only have to avoid for 3 hours after a treatment! :)

The price was higher when I made the original post--more like $100. And the grouping thing sure makes it cost-effective!

Maybe I should try it...