Monday, November 15, 2010

My first Chiropractic adjustment

I FINALLY went in today for my first ever chiropractic appointment. I've been toying around with the idea for over a year, since I know the immune system is connected to so many different parts of the body and I'd wondered whether I had something out of whack(how's that for a proper term?) and that was why I keep having to go in for "tune-ups" for allergies.

I'll spare you all the details, but the main part of my appointment I wish to report on is my shoulder/neck/jaw issues. What finally pushed me to make the appointment is that I have been dealing with minor TMJ and bruxism and last week my dentist told me I need to do something because my teeth are getting damaged. The dentist offered to make a mouth guard to the tune of over $200, but admitted that it wouldn't cure the grinding--it would only prevent more damage to my teeth.

I wanted to address the problem at the root, both to try to prevent more TMJ damage and to avoid wearing the dreaded mouth guard at night. I had braces as a teenager and STILL have dreams about wearing the stupid head gear and retainer! I absolutely hated those things and don't ever want to go back if I have any choice whatsoever.

I've had neck/head/shoulder tension for over 10 years. A year or two ago, a friend who does massage worked on my neck for over an hour but couldn't get it to loosen up and commented on the tension in the shoulders as well.

Turns out, the immune system is closely connected to the first rib(which was out). So, there very well might be a connection there.

So...we'll see how things go these next few weeks now that I've had that whole area adjusted.

I also got what I dubbed as a "free sample"(lol) of the Bax Aura. I don't recall what the handheld device's full name was, but they referred to it as a PTL. There is a program in it that is specific to TMJ and that was used on me as well. It has a laser-light that is shined(shone?) on the different points, just as the laser with the Bax3000 is used.  I am the second patient with this chiro to have the PTL used for that purpose, and the first patient was seriously considering surgery and had this done and has so far avoided surgery since it's gotten so much better.

Here's to good health! :)

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