Thursday, August 27, 2009

BioAllergenix-Human Body Scan

My allergies have been bothering me off and on, but it has been nowhere near how horrible I have felt in the month of August in OH for the past 5-6 years. And I am not taking any antihistamines unless I have a reaction that drives me nuts with the itching ears and throat(and that hasn't happened often).

The last couple of days I have found that I reacted to a few foods I have reintroduced and been doing fine with until recently. Now, the pollen counts are extremely high here and my environmental allergies are bothering me off and on(again-much better than any other year, but they are there), so I assume that my body fighting the environmentals might be what tips me over to the food reactions. They have for the most part been pretty short-lived. For the record, what I have reacted to(and not every time) is: apples, organic grapefruit, romaine lettuce(maybe), and tomatoes/peppers. Maybe garlic.

Last week, I went in and had ragweed, grasses, nettles, and chenopods, along with some other weeds re-treated with the BioAllergenix system. (I checked out to see what the dominant pollinators were when I was reacting, and did a little "scientific research" that involved finding the plants and exposing myself to them when I felt fine to see what happened. ;) ) I do think it is getting better, but there must be some other thing out there that I am allergic to that I haven't found out yet.

The doc wanted to do a scan that had some more pollens and such yesterday, but I decided I was more interested in the Human Body scan(what I previously mistakenly called the Total Body Scan). My thinking is that maybe there is something going on in my body that I am not responding to the treatments 100%.

In my understanding, the Human Body scan is scanning the different systems of the body, seeing how well they are working. I have no idea how it works or how it fixes things, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead and try it. These are NOT allergy-type things here now.

So, I did the Human Body scan and ended up with 8-9 things that came up. I won't bore you or embarrass myself with all the details, lol, but for most of the things I had an explanation or something I could put my finger on that related to what came up. I will give a few examples:

One of the things was the Temporal Bone, which is at your temple. It is associated with Temporomandibular joint disorder(TMJ), which I have had problems with off and on. Interestingly, on the way home, I felt that type of pressure in my face/jaw, but it went away in a short time.

The Omental Tenia also came up. I had no idea before what it was or what it did, and was enlightened as I looked online last night. It is an apron-like 'organ' in the body that covers the intestines. Interestingly, it has something to do with the immune system, digestion, healing, removing toxins...a whole host of jobs! Here's the site I found the most helpful info at: Omental Procedures

That's just two of the things that came up. I don't know how this works, but there has to be something to it! Even my chiro didn't know about all of these health issues I have had!(some of them even minor!)

Although I am still dealing with mild environmental allergies, I am still glad that I went with BioAllergenix. Things are so much better this summer than last summer! Last night was our Awana Carnival for the kids to kick off the new year. I have come to associate it with a pocketful of kleenex, a raw nose and throat, itchy throat, being hot and tired and wanting to just GO HOME already. Last year I could not eat any of the foods that they had available. Last night, I only had to blow my nose once and was able to have popcorn and a bit of cotton candy. I did have a bit of throat itching and have been tired, but I will take what I can get!

Praise the Lord for the blessings He gives me!

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