Friday, December 4, 2009

Allergy sufferers--Use Care with Essential Oils!

I am much better.

Since going to the family doc and then doing some reading about Esinophilic (sp?) Esophagitis, I strongly suspected the throat thing was an allergic response. Totally new(well, my *awareness* of it anyway--I've had minor episodes of difficulty swallowing before) to me, but an allergic response nonetheless.

I had started using Lavender EO in the shower maybe a week to ten days before I got the appt to the family doc. So, since that was a new thing, I cut that out of my regimen. It seemed to be helping my skin clear up, but I'd take a normal throat over clear skin.

I also looked in my food diary for the last 2 years and it seems after I'd had melted cheese, sour cream, or cream cheese that I would have difficulty swallowing(but nothing like this recent episode), so since the Sunday before Thanksgiving I have been essentially dairy free. I had been treated for milk already, and the food diary notes were from before my treatment, but I figured what the heck--dd is dairy-free so I may as well go dairy-free with her for the holidays. It will encourage me to make dairy-free holiday treats, right? I'm interested to see if my skin clears up, too. I am going to give it a month or two to see if I see a difference in my skin.

One thing I did not regularly notate in my food diary is the type of body care products I was using at the time. I know that I was using Lavender EO soap during part of that time, and it is entirely possible that it was the Lavender EO getting me and not the cheese.

So, yesterday I went to my BioAllergenix appt and brought a bunch of foods to test that I suspected. I also brought TTO, my Lavender EO, and my Thieves' oil. TTO and Thieves' oil(that contains Lavender EO) were ok. When she tested the Lavender EO I brought I was so totally weak, I could not believe it! I am normally very strong and am a bit harder to read with muscle testing, but it was like the life was sucked out of me when I had this tested!

So, that pretty much sealed the deal in my mind that it was the Lavender EO that caused the reaction.

I did get treated for it,( along with the Genetic Predisposition to Tomatoes and some other things) and I will bring it next time to see how I do.

I think I just really need to not overdo it on anything. Especially something so volatile like EO's.

You live and learn.

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