Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BioAllergenix Protocol 4B

I just got back from being tested/treated for BioAllergenix Protocol 4B. It included various drugs(OTC, Rx, substances such as nicotine and caffeine... and ...not so legal stuff such as meth, cocaine and pot) as well as things having to with them, such as neurotransmitters that have to do with the whole body functioning properly.

The things that came up for me were:
Group 93 Trace Response-Calcium Channel (neurotransmitter)
Group 94 Trace Response-ADD (I've often wondered if I was borderline)
Group 103 Trace Response-ACT(Achetocholine inhibitor)

Same treatment as before, and nothing to avoid other than my calcium supplements. These aren't too hard to avoid.

I am feeling a LOT better lately. Sure, I have a few things I would like to see change still(who doesn't?), but I think I am almost to feeling NORMAL now! I have stopped making different meals for me and the family. I am still picky/careful about what we as a family eat, but we are all eating the same thing now. This is a BIG THING, and I'm sure others that have gone through this allergy thing or are going through it can truly understand.

Praise God!

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