Saturday, July 11, 2009

BioAllergenix Update

I have made it through all 13 of the Groups I needed to have treated in Procedure 1.

I also went through Procedure 2 testing, which amounted to LOTS of foods and things pertaining to foods and ended up having Smell Balance and Red Beans treated. I was able to have them treated at the same time, 3 days ago. I had to stay away from pungent odors and beans until the next day. Fairly easy to do.

This morning, I went in and had Procedure 3 testing done and ---gasp!---NOTHING CAME UP! It included inhalants/environmental things. On each of the Procedures, there is just SO MUCH that it covers, that it is impossible to describe it in a few sentences. There have been 17-26 different categories in each test, and many of those categories have more than one page of things it checks for.

Since nothing came up on Procedure 3, I was able to move on to Procedure 4. This Procedure is broken down into two different tests, so I just did the first one today. It included many drugs, as well as some emotional things as well. What came up for me was Zincum Cyanatum(a homeopathic that, had I a homeopathic doctor to go to, would likely have been prescribed for me because of how I have been feeling lately), Norgesic(Orphenadrine) -which, interestingly, happens to be related to Benadryl(diphenhydramine), and Group 76 Trace Response, which was Anxiety.

So I was treated for these things and just do a 4 hour fast.

I am almost done with allergy treatments for the time being. Since Wednesday, when I had the rest of the foods tested/treated, I have been cautiously reintroducing foods here and there. I had cherries for the first time in a long time. The first time I had them, I had mild palate itching/runny nose, but it went away and hasn't happened since when I have had them. I went to eat at the Dairy Freeze yesterday(for the first time in 2 years!) and did not react to a thing!

I have gone off of the Claritin completely(although I might bring it with me when we go to my sister's wedding in CO--just in case). Last week I did react to something that made me reach for the Benadryl. I will probably keep the Benadryl around just in case for awhile. Just because. I'm not sure whether sagebrush was on the list of things I have had tested/treated, and I suspect that is one of my triggers in CO.

There is another half of Procedure 4, then there is an IgE scan. There is an update they are going to get next weekend that includes a Total Body Scan, so that will likely be my last one for awhile. After that, I will take a month or so to let my body mellow out or kind of get used to the new balance and see how I feel and go from there.

Things are lookin' up! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank You..! That would be great to hear your pro's and con's...!

Michelle said...

This is very encouraging.