Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Comparison of AAT and BioAllergenix

Many people have asked about the differences and similarities between AAT and BioAllergenix.
These comparisons are based on MY experiences. Others may have a different experience, since allergies effect us all differently, and physicians may choose to work slightly differently as well.

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics(AAT):

The basics:
  1. Is paid for on a per-visit basis.
  2. Testing is done with strength-testing by the doc, while patient is hooked up to the computer with an arm band.
  3. Treatment is only for one item/set of items in some cases, and consists of a 'thumper'(for lack of a better term) that is run down the spine a few times while the signal is being transmitted through the arm band.
  4. Avoid the treated substance for 2 hours.
  5. You work through a preliminary list of what you proved "weak" towards, and once you get done with that list you can pick and choose what you feel you are having problems with. You will be tested for that suspected allergen and if weak, then you will be treated for it.
  6. The next time you go in, you will be tested for the previous treatments to be sure they held before you move on to the next testing/treatment.
  1. I like that there is a lot of one-on-one contact with the doctor. In my opinion, this gives the doctor a fuller picture of where the patient is health-wise and helps to treat the whole person, not just the allergies.
  2. You can be retested for anything, if you suspect a treatment has not 'held'.
  3. The avoidance period is a mere 2 hours. After avoiding so many things for nearly a year, I could avoid anything for 2 hours!
  1. You are not able to treat as many allergens at one time as you are able to with BioAllergenix.
  2. Can get costly if you have a wide range of allergens.
  3. Is a much slower process than the BioAllergenix, especially if you have many allergies.

BioAllergenix(also referred to as Allergicare in some forums):

The basics:
  1. Is paid for in a lump-sum charge for the year(other docs may choose to do it differently and have different pricing).
  2. Testing is done by the computer while you are hooked up with 'clamps' on your fingers and it scans through MANY potential allergens.
  3. The first visit/test will bring up any number of foods in 18 Groups. The first treatment is for egg, and the next treatments will be on different days for whichever food groups that need to be treated. In some cases, many items in a Group will come up, but you can be treated for all of those items in the Group.
  4. There are many other tests/scans available. They include foods, pollens, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs, cleaning products, and also include things such as anxiety, ADD, etc. Not sure how it does it, but it does it somehow!
  5. Treatment involves the computer and a laser-light type tool, which is run over your skull and down your spine multiple times(eyes open, eyes closed, breath in and hold, breath out and hold) and on different points in your arm/hands and feet.
  6. Avoid the substance(s) until the next day(you can expose yourself to it after one full sleep cycle/night's sleep)
  7. Once you have made it through the basic scans, you can wait and see how things are working for you as your body gets used to the new way of doing things.
  8. If you seem to still be having problems, you go in and can request treatment for those problems.
  1. Has the capability of scanning for thousands of potential allergens in one appointment.
  2. Scans are relatively quick, as is treatment. Once you get past whatever you test allergic to in the first 18 groups, on the next scans you will be treated for ALL things that come up.
  3. Since it is paid for in one lump sum, you may be saving a LOT of money with BioAllergenix as opposed to AAT, if you have a lot of different allergies.
  4. Can go beyond allergens and test for other possible health problems.
  1. Many may not be able to afford the one lump sum payment, or be able to justify it if they only have a few allergies.
  2. Once you have gone through a particular scan, you cannot have that scan run again, as your body will not 'read' the same way and may give false information. You can, however, be retreated if you have a suspected allergen(such as ragweed and chenopods in my case).
  3. The avoidance period after treatment (keep away from the substance until you wake the next day) can be difficult, depending on what you are avoiding. You may be asked to fast completely, so be sure to go to your appointment with a full stomach! Try to schedule late in the day if you can to make it easier on yourself.
  4. Women who are on the first 3 days of their periods should wait to come in to be scanned/treated.

Both types of treatment have been helpful to me and have been life-changing. I have been somewhat frustrated with BioAllergenix as I was hoping to be allergen-free by now(I started just a few months ago), but perhaps my hopes were a bit too high. In any case, I have been feeling worlds better after having these treatments--better than I have in years! I can handle a sneezing fit here and there, since before I could not breathe through my nose through the months of August and September!

I am also enjoying being able to eat "normal" foods and not have to look at every ingredient on the label before eating anything. (Well, I do still read every label out of habit and watching our diets for unhealthy ingredients, but the point is, I don't HAVE to!)

Above all, I am so glad I can go to public places and not have reactions such as itchy nose, sneezing, itchy throat, and brain fog within minutes of walking in the door and fatigue after leaving. The grocery stores and church potluck days were not my favorite days for some time, merely because of the smell of the foods and people's fabric softener, perfumes, etc! But since being treated, I have gone to these places without thinking too much about it and have not had the brain fog and fatigue I dealt with for so long!

Praising God for working through these treatments and helping me feel better! Thank You, Lord!


wimama05 said...

thank you for that helpful info!

Jeanne said...

Thank you so much for this information Tanya. It is well organized, well written and one of the few comparisons I have found online.

I am currently going through AAT and the process is slow and his triggered an asthmatic cough that I did not have prior to treatment. I went in to primarly be treated for dogs since we recently got a puppy--once that allergen was taken care of multiple others came to the surface.

I have a question: did you have to be retreated for the AAT items for which you were previously treated? I do not think I can avoid the dog for 24 hours but I am thinking of switching over to BAX3000 to more quickly relieve my asthma. Also, are you happy you switched over?

Thank you again for sharing your story.

Tanya said...

Thanks for the compliment, Jeanne! :)
I was still a mess when I switched over from AAT to the BAX3000, so I don't know how I compare to others who have far fewer allergies/problems than I did at that time. I will, however, share my experience. :)

Yes, I did get treated for some of the same things with the Bax3000 that I had previously been treated for with AAT. I don't recall offhand which things I was treated for, though.

I am happy I switched over, yes. I would probably still be treating things one- or two- at a time at the rate AAT was going!

I too have noticed symptoms showing up elsewhere that I hadn't noticed or dealt with before. I covered that http://livinghealthyinthemodernworld.blogspot.com/2011/08/allergies-presenting-differently-after.html. <<---hope that link works!

Hope that helps!

Eric said...

Hi everyone,I'm just starting the AAT treatment after struggling for years from allergies living in the Maryland/DC metro area. I suffer from the typical airborne allergens (dust/mites/pollen/grass/trees) as well as some chemical sensitivities like dryer sheets and some food allergies like corn and milk products which are kind of hard to avoid, especially corn (it's in like everything). I started my treatments on June 21st, 2013 (about a week ago). Thus far the practitioner has treated (pollen/mold/dust/dust mites/trees) Items pending on my list are (grass/cat dander/dog dander/dryer sheets and the food items)Bc I'm still in the process of addressing my allergens its sort of difficult to tell if the treatments are working or not. I hesitated to do the treatments b/c I found it difficult to rationalize how the AAT software works via a signal through meridians in the body, plus the hefty cost for the treatment (why can't the price be more affordable anyway)?. For those particular reasons, I waited over 2 years to follow through with the first treatment. Due to the fact that I really want to stay on the east coast (family/job) I decided to bite the bullet and go head in and so I'm now in the middle of getting everything done. I'll be sure to report back my findings...Question...One piece that's missing from the reviews and bloggs that I've read thus far are the pre and post allergy tests (from allergist) to show via traditional western medicine that the AAT approach does indeed work. Has anyone ever returned back to their allergist to redo their allergy test to see if the results correlate with their marked improvement in terms of how they feel. I would imagine the post test would show little to no allergic reaction to the substances they were allergic too prior. I currently have my allergy tests from my allergist and they show extreme sensitivities to the above mentioned items. I'm curious to redo my tests sometime in the next 3 months (after I finish the pending AAT items ) to see how the scores compare. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated if anyone thought about doing this. Also I was thinking about switching over to the BAX3000 bc it seems to be newer more effective technology. I see the posts here are from 2011. Are there any new thoughts on the comparison and the technology now that I am doing the therapy in 2013?


Tanya said...

Hello again-
As you no doubt read, I started with AAT, then moved to the Bax3000. There is a newer Bax system now (BaxAura) that sometimes involves homeopathics to help speed healing. I have only gone in and had this machine used on me a handful of times (as part of my "tune up" - for times when I feel I am reacting more).

Please, if anyone has more experience with the new Bax system, do chime in! :)