Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BioAllergenix Update

Today was quite the adventure. More for the doc than for me, lol.

I had been doing pretty good allergy-wise and wasn't sure what to make an appointment for, so had gone a few weeks without an appointment or treatment. Also, my last treatment was a hormone treatment and I was kind of waiting a month or so to see how that went before I went in again. Just because.

Then I tried tomatoes again. I swear I need to throw all those tomatoes I canned 2 years ago out to the chickens! They get me every time! Granted, the reactions are less and less, but those particular tomatoes are horrible for me! I have been able to eat tomatoes from this year's garden and been fine with them, for the record.

I had used the last jar of canned whole tomatoes last week to make spaghetti sauce in the crockpot. As soon as it heated up, I smelled it cooking all day long and was experiencing brain fog, sort of tunnel vision, pressure in my head/neck and intermittent nose and throat itching.

I did not eat the stuff, though. I made myself something different to eat that night and served the spaghetti up to my family(who, by the way, fared quite well on it).

Since then, I seem to have been reacting(usually quite mildly) to lots of stuff.

In the last week I have reacted to(from worst reaction to least):

Broccoli and Cauliflower(day 1 was immediate chapped lips, day 2 was itchy throat/ears, copious drainage, more chapped lips)
Newsprint(face/hands itch if I read a newspaper)
Nachos(no tomatoes on these-this reaction was more of a gut reaction-blah!)
Red Cabbage-(itchy nose/very mild itchy throat)
Various herbal teas-(mild itchy throat)
cinnamon or citric acid-suspects in the teas

I had kept a diary of what foods I suspected and gathered up little samples. I went to the appointment today armed with little baggies of corn chips(yellow and blue), cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage, a cinnamon stick, and 3 different teas to test. I also asked them to test me for B vitamins and garlic(another food I've had trouble with, though I love it so much!).

Then the doc did muscle testing on me while holding each of these(out of the bag, since she suspects Hydrocarbons to be another problem with me in relation to the newspaper thing. She tested me for those, and they ARE a problem!)

Here's the results:

Corn(vial): OK
Corn chips(both yellow and the blue w/ sesame seeds): OK
Cinnamon: OK
Cauliflower: OK(!)
Green Cabbage(vial): OK
Broccoli: NOT OK
Red Cabbage: NOT OK
Orange and Spice Herb Tea: OK
Red Tea: NOT OK
Tension Tamer: NOT OK
Hydrocarbons: NOT OK
Water Softener Salt: NOT OK
B vitamins: OK
Garlic: NOT OK

The theory we came up with between the cauliflower and broccoli was that I washed them both with the softened water. The cauliflower has a really tight head, so didn't soak up the water like the broccoli did. That was our guess before we tested the water softener salt, and I was VERY weak to that. So it may not be the broccoli getting me, but the water. I suppose the cabbage *could* have water on it still, but I got it from deeper in the head of cabbage, so I don't think it is nearly as likely.

The Red Tea and Tension Tamer teas I have yet to (over?) analyze.

The Hydrocarbons have to do with the reason my face and hands itch incessantly every Sunday when I read the paper. Sometimes with magazines the same thing happens. Acrylic has bothered me for a long, long time. This is a very difficult one to avoid coming into contact with (all plastics), and I need to plan things out like what I wear and eat and touch before I get treated for that. Maybe next week. Not sure what I will be doing with my time after that treatment if I can't read or be on the internet.

I opted to have water softener salt treated, since I can just use the bypass spicket water at the house. I just have to remember not to use the other water!

This is the first time the doc has had a patient come up with problems with water softener salt and she is very interested in seeing how I do. I am, too! I had long suspected the water softener salt with my prior corn allergy, but kind of put it out of my mind once I was treated for corn. Guess I should listen more closely to my body and respond accordingly, eh? to find something to eat that hasn't been touched by softened water... and see if I can digest the info I've been given today and analyze some more.

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