Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How I'm doing...preparing for Hydrocarbons treatment

I seem to be doing pretty well with the water softener treatment. My throat no longer itches after I get up to use the restroom at night, so I guess it really was the water! Also, I haven't reacted to lettuce or other veggies that I would react to before (and suspected the water). Wow. Makes me rethink(again) about what all we subject our bodies to in making things "better".

Speaking of which, I plan on my next treatment being for Hydrocarbons. I was muscle tested for these last week as a result of my complaint that my throat itches, my hands itch and my face feels funny(kind of a shooting/stinging sensation) and sometimes I even experience sneezing when I read the newspaper on Sunday's at the in-laws. The doc's immediate response was "Hydrocarbons" and she got the vial and muscle tested me on it and sure enough, I am weak in that area.

She printed out the list for me last week so I know what to avoid. Half of it I don't know what it is. This is going to be the hardest thing so far to avoid. I basically have to avoid touching/breathing/wearing anything plastic or gasoline/oil/diesel based. Yeah, fun. Good luck finding underwear without any stretchy stuff in it! Oy. No polyester, acrylic, rayon. Pretty sure spandex is included in there, too.

So, I am figuring out my wardrobe. I think I might look like a ragamuffin when I go to my appt. Oh well. I hope I can find some sort of cotton gloves to wear so I can drive home with ease! Hey, they might work for me to be on the computer, too, right? ;) Not sure what else I can do and not be exposed to stuff. I'd stay up all night the night before and then go to the appointment and come home and sleep if I could...

I am also supposed to avoid reading/touching books, magazines, newspapers due to the hydrocarbons in the ink. Man, I'm gonna be so bored!

Foods I have to be careful with. I think I may have to put dinner in the crockpot(nothing canned due to the bpA in the lining of the cans, and I assume I should steer clear of plastic-packaged foods) before I leave for the appt. I have some of our own chickens that I think will be perfectly safe since they weren't wrapped in plastic. Veggies, too. So, I'm good there.

I thought I was really doing good avoiding plastics in our home, but when I see the extent they permeate our lives....wow. Just wow. We are still far removed from what is truly "Natural".

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