Monday, January 11, 2010

Baking Soda to treat Food Allergies?

I recently read on the Avoiding Corn Forum on Delphi about someone's positive experience with using a product called Tri-Salts to minimize and/or shorten allergic reactions to foods. Apparently this works because during an allergic reaction, the body's pH becomes more acid. The ingredients in the Tri-Salts alkalinize the body.

I do still have some reactions to *something* (usually in processed foods). The reaction lately is to have severely chapped/sore/burning lips soon after I have consumed *whatever it is*. This happened on Friday night at dinnertime. Soon after eating, I started having the chapped sensation and was dreading facing the next 3 days of horribly chapped lips that absolutely nothing would help. I then remembered the thread on Tri-Salts and that there was a recipe, but all I could remember was it was a small amount of baking soda and something else.

I got a box of baking soda and used a bit more than 1/8 teaspoon in about a half cup of water and drank that. Within half an hour, the soreness and burning was GONE! The next morning, my lips peeled like crazy after getting out of the shower(this usually happens on day 3 or so). After some light exfoliation with a rough towel, my lips were fine!

Scroll down on to find helpful advice in regards to food allergies, as well as a recipe to make a homemade version of Tri-Salts, containing baking soda and salt.

Praise God for a simple remedy!

Your mileage may vary. I certainly wouldn't rely on this for an anaphlactic reaction. But it couldn't hurt to try it for any other reaction when you know you/your allergic child have been exposed.

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Kris | said...

This is a very interesting post!! I will remember this for sure. I will also get stinging lips, etc, but mine is more tummy related....I have in on track now, but usually stick to things I am not allergic too.....I do miss a nice piece of bread!!

Great blog!