Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BioAllergenix/BioVeda and How I'm Doing

I am doing pretty well. I had a few weeks  that I would have off-and-on environmental flareups, but they were few and far between and nowhere near as bad as in previous years. Even last year, as I was beginning treatments,  it was a near-constant battle.

I recently tried a radish from our garden and seemed to do fine with it. Awhile later I had like 4 more and soon after I developed an itchy throat. So, guess I will call and make an appointment one of these days for a little "fine-tuning".  I did pick up and carry our outdoor cat in between eating the radishes and the itchy throat(all happened within 5 minutes) so it may have been something on the cat that got me.  (Cats tested fine last time I was in)

At any rate, it was a short-lived reaction. I'll take it. :)

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