Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to my new readers!

It looks like I may have a few more readers in the next few days.

If you are interested in my story from the beginning, please start from the beginning of my blog. :)

It took me awhile to finally write my story and to post it--I was spending so much time avoiding everything and finding what I COULD eat and do that I had very little time to write. It was only after my treatments with AAT and then BioAllergenix(BioVeda) that I had true relief and could finally type it all out to share with others.

I hope and pray that in sharing my experiences, others will be helped and will experience the positive life-changing experience that I have had(been having). It is just phenomenal.

I just said to someone the other day, in giving them my story, that even if the treatments only last a few years and I then need more treatments, it is still worth it. It is worth the dollars I paid to have the time I have had so far with the greatly improved quality of life.

Some may say "Wow, I bet you are glad you can go back to eating like you used to!". My response is to say that I have been forever changed by this allergy experience. I am thankful to have gone through it, because without it I may not have ever researched what we eat like I did during that time  and continue to do even now. It is quite an eye-opener when you realize how much of our food is highly processed or contains highly processed ingredients--even though to the naked eye it looks fine. (ever try avoiding corn or soy?) I also have learned about Genetically Modified foods and how they have permeated our food.

Genetically Modified foods are my bandwagon issue right now. I have a sneaking suspicion that the GM foods are messing with our bodies(and our children's bodies) because our immune systems just don't know how to handle the mutated food. So far, perhaps only the immune compromised/weaker of our people are being effected...the children and those prone to allergies and sensitivities.   What's going to happen next? I don't I try to avoid GM in myself and my kids, though I know it's nearly impossible in today's culture.  It just floors me that a company can continue pushing this technology, even knowing the deaths it is causing and the harm it is causing to the environment and how it is limiting our future food supply. I think it's all about Money and Power.... *sigh*

So, No, I don't want to go back to how I used to eat, because my eyes have been opened to what is in and on our food and I don't want that for our family.   I still read labels because I want to be informed. But now I can get away with the occasional potluck where I don't know what everything has in it, where before I would have had to avoid everything on the potluck table and bring my own foods and hope the smells of the foods on the table, or someone's perfume or the fabric softener on their clothes didn't set off my allergies.  I have much more freedom these days.

So, here's to my readers. I hope you find my blog informative and that in sharing my experiences I can in turn help you to better your life.

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