Friday, July 23, 2010

Still hanging in there

I apologize, once again, for not posting more often.  In a way, that is a good thing since things have been going well for me allergy-wise. I rarely have a reaction now.  The last time I remember having any type of reaction was after my last post in the late spring when the farmers were fertilizing/using pesticides in the fields. I am not sure which it was, as I was exposed at my house(surrounded quite literally by corn and soy fields) and in town at and in Meijer(gotta love all the junk out in the main aisles in the springtime!

That reaction consisted of intense brain fog and inability to concentrate and some body aches and stiffness. I did take Benadryl when I realized what was going on, closed all my windows and doors and became a hermit for the day. By the next day, I was better. Whew!

I still have not gone back in to get tested/treated for pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers. I guess because it's not bothering me anymore and I've been too busy to schedule an appointment.

What has previously been my most horrible time of year is soon to come---Ragweed season in August. I wait, in trepidation, to see what is going to happen and how my body will respond this year.

I am under quite a bit of stress these last weeks as I am losing my grandmother to ovarian cancer quite soon.  So, this might effect how my body responds to previous allergens.  We shall see.....the Lord will carry me through, come what may. I pray He will have mercy on my grandma and draw her to His loving arms soon. <3

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