Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Chickens

Finally! An afternoon off work and the sun is shining and we can see the ground!
The chickens get to come outside and play!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, great info on allergry treatments. Hope you are doing well. I am considering BAX 3000 or BAX Aura. I noticed you finished treatments but still have allergy symptoms. Do you think the treatments worked? I tried to read all your posts, it seems you did get some better but still have some symptoms. I did not see any recent posts on allergies. Do you think it is worth it and do you think you are cured or better? Thanks

Tanya said...

I think the treatments helped me, but they have not been a miracle cure-all for me. With these complex bodies of ours, I am not sure there is always something to completely cure a person of their ailments.

That said, these treatments were able to help me more than conventional medicine was able to help me. I am now at a fairly even keel. Though I do still take Zyrtec, most of the year my allergies are very manageable and I am not having the constant reactions to foods like I was before the treatments(even taking antihistamines). I do avoid gluten now (have for a few years, though I fall off the wagon ever so often and that's my reminder why I am off of gluten and it really does bother me), and during my peak allergy season - ragweed season - I am more reactive than the rest of the year. But, it is not nearly to the extent that it was pre-treatments.

When I go in for chiro care (which, I must sheepishly say, my appointments have been few and far between *blush*), I usually get a BaxAura scan just to see how things are going, and get a treatment for whatever shows up there. If anything shows up, I get treated for it.

So, all in all, I feel that I am better off now, having had the treatments, than I would have been had I continued with the allergy shots (that I was reacting to) and the strict avoidance diet(with no luck in reintroducing foods) I was on before.