Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Main Garden is Planted (Finally)

With the wet spring, the broken tiller, and the unplanned trip to Colorado, our gardening plans have been delayed over a month. We usually aim to have everything in the week of Mother's Day.

Thankfully, the season here is long, and it's not too late!

We spent much of last Saturday prepping the garden and getting the rows/hills made.

Sunday, after Ivy's birthday party

we finished most of the planting in the main garden.

Rows left to right are:
1)Royal Burgundy Bush Beans and Beets, Cucumbers in the hills and Peppers/Basil and a volunteer Tomato(cherry?) and sunflowers
2) Royal Burgundy Bush beans/Bull's Blood Beets and Jacob's Cattle Bush Beans and Beets
3) Peppers/Basil and Forellenschluss Lettuce, Spinach and more lettuce
4) Hills of yellow squash and zucchini, Hills of Butternut Squash,
5-8) Randy's Corn
Box: Cosmos/Borage, far side of box is Dill, near side is Kale
9)Chard-the beautiful multi-colored variety
10) Okra and on the end is hills of Buttercup Squash

Here's the Okra pods saved from last year that I broke open and got the seeds out of to plant this year.

Rescued volunteer marigolds are scattered throughout the garden, and I do want to poke some nasturtium seeds around, and maybe some giant Sunflowers on the back side.

On Monday, I had the kids come out and help me water.

The groundhogs/deer/bunnies have already nipped off some of my peppers and basil. :(
But that "experimental plot" I just HAD to plant a few weeks ago is doing fine (though a bit weedy)! 

Hubby also managed to put a volunteer tomato and a volunteer butternut squash in experimental hanging "pots":

That's all for now!

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