Friday, March 26, 2010

Neutral Treatment in BioAllergenix/BioVeda

Last week I had an appointment during which I planned on getting tested/treated for the molds in my house. I made prior arrangements to spend the remaining part of the day after the appointment and that night at my sister-in-law's house, since I would have to avoid our home until the next day after treatment.

2 days(48 hours+) prior to my appointment, I set out bowls of distilled water and cotton balls in various suspect rooms of my house. I brought these (Pyrex Storage 14-Piece Round Set, Clear with Blue Lids-how handy they are with the well-fitting lids!) and was muscle-tested while holding the cotton balls from each of the various bowls.

The kitchen and our bedroom were fine, but the basement, bathroom, and north living room were the ones that were my problem-causers.

I also brought in some baby powder that I suspected to be causing me trouble(ingredients: talc, fragrance) and tested weak to that as well.

For my treatment, I took one cotton ball from each of the problem rooms and held them in my hand, being sure to touch them with my fingertips. For kicks, I also sprinkled some of the baby powder on the cotton balls.

I held the cotton balls in my left  hand, extended my right hand as if I were having the testing done with the BioAllergenix system, and then was treated with the Bax3000 as usual.
I thoroughly washed my hands immediately after treatment.
I then avoided going home until the next day.

Results: I no longer experience the throat/eye itchiness when in those rooms as I did before. I also no longer smell the baby powder in the morning when it is used downstairs(while I am still upstairs) as I used to be able to do before.

I really think that when I am hypersensitive to the smells that no one else seems to notice, it really is a sign that my body is reacting to it. Crazy.

UPDATE: I had left my mold cultures at the office to be retested for them later. I went in a week after my first appointment and did not have a weak response to any of them, even though there was actually visible mold growing in the basement one(ick!).

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