Saturday, March 27, 2010

O Candida! Drat.

I have been having various oral reactions to foods, and wrote them down to keep record of them.  I brought in the food list and a bag of things to test and they ALL came out ok....well, with the exception of my beloved Reduced-Fat Cheezits--the one highly processed junk food that I still gravitate towards(tsk-tsk). (I'm working on finding an acceptable substitute for myself...)

I won't bore you with all the details of what I brought in. The doc and I sat there looking at my food journal and she suggested it might be Candida.

I tell ya, I am in denial.  I don't WANT to have Candida! No! I thought I treated this before(lots of times)!

So, I finally let her test me.  Sure enough, the arm went halfway to the floor. Total bummer. I guess this might be why the backs of my legs itch lately? 

I decided to go ahead and get treated for it today.  And to revamp our diet a bit, maybe do a detox as well for myself.  I know my daughter craves sweets like crazy...totally wouldn't be surprised if she has the Yeasty Beast as well in a bad way...

So, I need to avoid anything fermented(including cheese,  my kefir and tea--did you know that tea is fermented? and vinegar), sugars, starches(read: grains, potatoes, that sort of thing), all fruits, and uncooked veggies.

I can eat: meat, eggs and well-cooked veggies. And I will be drinking lots of water.


And no, I didn't get treated for the Cheez-its. Maybe another day.  Or maybe I should give up on them altogether and try out those recipes I spied awhile back for homemade ones.

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