Friday, February 4, 2011

Girl after my own Heart

My daughter watched, perplexed, as I sliced up a red pepper that I splurged on at the grocery today. It was just, and I felt I needed more red in my diet today. :)

She finally spoke up, inquiring "Where did you get THAT thing, when there's snow on the ground outside?".

My first thought: She's a girl after my own heart. She knows food doesn't grow here this time of year--and that it grows on plants!

My next thought: The poor thing is so deprived not to have a regular diet of peppers in the middle of winter! (Not!)

My afterthought: Busted. I went against my "buy only from the US" with this pepper: it's from Mexico.

But I will enjoy this extravagance anyway. We had a good little talk afterwards about where they grow these things when we can't and how they get here to our grocery stores so we can buy them.

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