Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Altering my Gluten Free, Nightshade Free Diet

The good thing with this Gluten-free, Nightshade-free diet is that it takes a lot more of the processed foods out of my diet(not that I eat THAT many, but still...) and leaves less room for guessing when I DO react to something.

For instance, two nights ago I was eating dinner and the skin on the left side of my mouth erupted almost instantly. Had one of the suspected foods again last night and yep--that's it--the coleslaw. Because now I'm breaking out on the other side of my mouth now! Ugh! If only there was an easier way to figure this out w/o being a guinea pig! Anyway, I'm thinking it's soy I am reacting to. Or maybe the Stevia(email currently out inquiring as to where the inulin comes from--possibly from GM chicory...).   I used mayo and soy is the first ingredient...(and a past allergy of mine--though one of the lesser ones).  The Stevia is not a regular thing for me, so that could be it too....

The rest of the stuff I used to make the coleslaw have been ok in the past as far as I know.

I guess I'll bring in my mayo, bottle of lemon juice, packet of stevia, and paprika to be muscle tested for next time I go in...and my chocolate bar(which has soy lecithin).

So I suppose now I am Legume-free as well. I am going to have to be extra-vigilant to avoid SOY, at least until I rule it out....the other legumes are pretty obvious and easy to avoid...

Yesterday's menu was:
Breakfast: Tea/honey/half and half, yogurt and blueberries, Republic of Tea Red Tea Good Hope Vanilla /honey/organic half and half

Lunch: Leftover Pea/carrot/mushroom/onion/water chestnut/chicken stir-fry (no rice)
Republic of Tea Red Tea Good Hope Vanilla

Snacks: half a rootbear, Prince of Peace Ginger candy, corn/flax chips and Chocolate Craisins, Apple

Dinner: Venison roast(s&p, garlic and onion), sweet potato/pastured butter/salt and pepper, coleslaw(cabbage, carrot, onion, Daisy sour cream, mayo, SweetLeaf Stevia powder, Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice, sea salt, paprika, garlic and onion powder), milk

Prince of Peace Ginger candy
Trident Gum

The chiro said the other day that a lot of people who go Gluten-free notice a difference in their sinus issues--in that the sinus problems go away. Same with seasonal allergies. So far, I seem to have relatively normal sinuses, considering the dampness and mold issues we've had in the past. The maple tree out front is pollenating(I think) and I don't notice anything as far as allergies yet.  Time will tell!

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