Monday, March 7, 2011

Listening for the Still Small Voice of God...

When was the last time you heard the still, small voice of God?

However useful a tool technology can be in this digital age, I personally find it very distracting, addictive, filling my mind continuously with a flow of information even when I am away from it (or as far as one can get from it these days). I liken it to the strong winds and the earthquake and the fire Elijah experienced in I Kings 19. Very "effective" and impressive and earth-shattering(pardon the pun)...but not what is needed in all circumstances.

Yet, here I am with another post. I suppose that, despite its drawbacks,  the internet is not entirely evil. ;) It does have its place.

Anyway, to the point of my post...

I find it hard to rest and be still and to hear the voice of God speaking to me. Maybe this is a personality thing, or maybe it's due to the busyness of life today.

When I *am* able to pry myself away and also find the time to actually be still(which can be a challenge while keeping the home fires burning), I find it much easier to hear Him. Sometimes that time is (sometimes annoyingly) 4AM.

What I have "heard" (not an audible voice, in case you are wondering) is that still small voice saying "feed the people".

Ok, God....

I haven't exactly figured out or been the told the specifics as of yet. But my husband has had similar nudges along the lines of being prepared...for *what* we are not certain.

I wonder if this is a "feed my lambs" sort of order as in John 21, where Jesus is asking Peter if he loves Him and tells him to feed His lambs/sheep. I find it interesting that just this morning I was reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan and he is challenging me in my love for my Savior, much as Christ Himself challenged Peter.

Last night at Bible Study, our pastor taught on the Scriptures where Peter insisted he would not betray Christ. Something else to think about...

I don't think these things happen by chance, the correlation of what I feel the Lord is telling me, the message last night at Bible Study, and my opening this book this morning. The Lord is making me think and drawing me nearer to Him! :) May I be open to His teaching.

Perhaps we are to be feeding others spiritually(of course we are!), and for now our way of doing that is in raising our own children but also in leading/teaching Children's Church on Sundays and in my substituting when needed in Sunday School and Awana.

Another possible avenue is with music, which I am so often drawn to and find it is very soul-nourishing. I am currently using music in Children's Church, but am looking to "stretch" beyond that in the future if that's what the Lord has in store...

But I also feel there is more to it than that.  With my background and knowledge in food and the quality of it in the US(and elsewhere), I believe we should also take it literally. Especially with my and my husband's strong leanings toward sustainable living and growing organic foods. 

Again, trying to figure out the How, When, Where, etc.

I did get part of my seeds for this year and am making the garden plans soon. So, until I get further guidance, I'm obeying in what I know to do.

Prayers are appreciated as we listen and seek to obey Him.

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. 

Psalm 46:10

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