Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Treated today: Soy and Rice

I went in to make sure the red pepper and xanthan gum treatment held. So far, it has.

I also brought in some things that I have suspected reactions to. Turns out the Soy truly was and is a culprit for the near-instantaneous skin breakout the other day. So I got treated for that.

And I also suspected rice, because on this gluten-free thing I'm doing, I have tried Tinkyada rice pasta and Arrowhead Puffed Rice and had what I suspected as being reactions(the pasta made my stomach/gut hurt, the rice cereal caused itching and lower-GI aching). Sure enough, something about the Rice is not good for my body. I am in the process of contacting companies and figuring out cross-contamination issues with them.

Same with my vanilla--need to check the ingredients on it.

So: today I was treated for Soy and Rice. Which makes me want to continue to avoid SOY-GMO and otherwise-- as much as possible and not even have it on the odd batch of coleslaw anymore. I need to find a different mayo or a different coleslaw dressing recipe. And stick to non-processed rice.

I am still doing the Gluten-free/Tomato-free thing. Potatoes and red peppers checked out fine today(woo-hoo!) so they are potentially back in my diet.  I do feel a lot better avoiding Gluten/Tomatoes, though I admit to wanting to imbibe in pita chips, shortbread or that last box of Girl Scout cookies lurking in the cupboard...mayhap I should put those cookies in the back of the freezer...or feed them to my kids. :)

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