Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breakfast: Keepin' it Real

As I have written before, I tend to feel better if I am not eating Gluten on a regular basis. So, that pulls many classic breakfast items off of my breakfast menu.

I also want to keep my food real--I don't want to be eating a lot of "food-like substances" - food that is highly processed and full of additives/preservatives.

So, here is today's example of my Real Breakfast:

~My favorite morning hot beverage: Black tea (no flavorings, organic if possible) with a spoonful of raw local honey and a splash of milk (again, organic if possible).

~A glass of Kefir - Homemade or in today's case it's Helios brand plain kefir. It's expensive in the store, but not much more than good yogurt(sometimes less!). I get coupons almost every time for it at

~A boiled egg, halved. Sprinkled with pepper and Himalayan Sea Salt. Today the egg is from Aldi, but most other times it's one from my local health food store, which sells local Lugibill's Free Range Brown Eggs.

~A peach,halved. Sorry, folks, this one isn't organic. Haven't seen any organic ones around, and I know peaches are high on the list for pesticides....but I couldn't pass it up and it was ripe, juicy, and soooo yummy!

So, there is today's breakfast!

Here's to Real Food!

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