Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BioAllergenix Update: January 2012

I made an appointment to go in this week and get a chiro adjustment and test a few things I suspected are bothering me food-wise.  I have suspected having issues with yeast as well (no surprise there with the holidays in the recent past!).

The testing was muscle testing, and the things that did come up for me were Oranges (I'd gotten an itchy throat the last time I ate one) and Yeasts (again, no surprise).  The other suspects (corn, soy, molds, tomatoes...those things I check off and on just to be sure) muscle tested ok.

So, until tomorrow morning I am avoiding oranges, yeast, and sugars/white carbs.

I think that when I have the itchy throat thing, it's often a sign of yeast rearing its ugly head. Not always, but I seem to be making that connection in my food experiences...

My organs seem to be doing great this time around, so I don't think I will be doing any detox-type things that I have been considering doing.

I am going to continue on the Gluten-free diet, but plan to tend towards low-carb/sugar at the same will probably look very much Paleo.


Michelle said...

I am seriously considering the Bax3000. So do you have to pay with every update? I need ammo for my trip in. I posted on delphi, bax3000 or rast test? I feel I should use my money on Bax as a treatment instead of throwing at an allergy test.

Tanya said...

I am not a doctor, so take my advice from my own experiences for whatever it's worth. ;)
I think it varies with the practitioner as to whether you have one lump payment for all of your Bax treatments or whether you pay each time you go in. Generally, I think it's a one-time payment to cover the whole round of Bax3000 treatments though.

The BaxAura (the newer machine), though, is pay-per-scan where I go.(and I think would have cost substantially more if I had used only that...with the extent of my allergies at the beginning)

I started with skin-prick allergy testing...and for what that cost(not including the year's worth of allergy shots afterwards), I could have paid for all my Bax3000 treatments and then some. For me, the Bax3000 found many many more allergies than the skin prick test did--I believe it tests at more than one level--it found my immediate allergies (IgE) and my delayed-response ones(IgG), along with some other stuff that was hindering my healing.

I don't think it can find ALL of our allergies/ reason I still have some issues, since there are so many varieties and nuances of things to be allergic to...

Another thing to consider is that to be medically recognized as allergic to something, the rast/skin prick testing is more respected than is alternative medicine. Just something to consider--if you don't have any need to be "validated" and just want to feel better, I personally would go with the Bax3000(or the Aura, but I don't know as much about it).