Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2001 Food Focus - No GMO

For a couple of years now, after reading a lot and with my own health experiences, I have suspected Genetically Modified Foods to have a negative impact on my immune system and one cause for the rise in allergies. (Just because Monsanto pats us on the head and assures us that GMO's haven't been proven to cause harm does not mean that they are safe to consume.)

Upon reading this article with documentation showing how GMO's do indeed effect our immune systems (they have the potential to change the DNA of our gut bacteria!), I think that my food focus this year will be to (ever more vigilantly) avoid Genetically Modified Organisms the best I can, both in our food and in the other products we use.

I hope also to increase awareness of just how prevalent GMO's are in our daily lives.

I realize that I cannot take GMO's 100% out of my and my family's lives, especially living in GMO corn- and soy- country,  but I will do what is within my power to minimize their impact.

This will require that I rethink our menu and food choices. I need to do a lot of thinking and praying and updating myself on these things to see just how far I can take it and still live within our food budget of $450/month for our family of 5.

Here's to a non-GMO 2012!

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