Monday, April 13, 2009

Got (Real/Raw) Milk?

I had the pleasure of picking up my first week's supply of Raw Milk today. I have been waiting since last summer to get this privilege!

Why Raw?

Pertaining to my health:
~The cows eat primarily what cows are made to eat--grass. They do get a small amount of non-GMO(and I believe organically raised) corn at milking time. Because the cows are free-range, their milk contains the Omega-3's we need (and that most Americans are deficient in). Conventional cows are fed corn and soy and thus can't naturally produce the Omega-3's in their milk.
~It DOES NOT contain rBGH (bovine growth hormones) that are in much of the storebought milk.
~It DOES NOT contain antibiotics that are present in storebought milk.
~It DOES NOT contain the added vitamins A and/or D that storebought milks contain. This is important to me, since I know that most of the fortifications in storebought milk are in a corny base and cause problems for corn-allergic people. Even though I am no longer avoiding corn, I still want to avoid GMOs, so prefer raw milk to storebought.

~In obtaining this raw milk, we are supporting people(and animals) who are living sustainably. We are in turn NOT supporting the crowded dairies that are putting the hormones, antibiotics and GMO corn into the food supply.
~I've found someone who is like-minded and am starting to make connections and figure out how to pull out of the commercialized food industry(and to me, that's a good thing!)

Now, off to see about skimming the cream for butter or real cream in my tea, making kefir with it tomorrow and perhaps pudding or........

Some links for more info on raw milk:
Weston A. Price Foundation
A Campaign for Real Milk

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