Monday, April 6, 2009

I Survived Eating Out!

Our Outback experience was overall a good one. The people that helped us/checked on us(there were I think 5 total) were very efficient and seemed to be knowledgable about allergies. They didn't seem perturbed or annoyed with me and my requests either, which is a remarkable and encouraging thing to encounter.

I ended up ordering:
~A Melbourne Steak(hey, I wanted leftovers!) without their usual seasoning. Instead I asked for sea salt and pepper only.
~Seasonal Veggies(in this case it was carrots and yellow squash-had to opt out of the broccoli and snow peas).
~Sweet Potato with sour cream and brown sugar.
~Iced tea with lemon

All of this was wonderful. The steak could have been a bit more flavorful, but it was good. The filet portion was much more flavorful than was the New York strip portion, so in the future(whenever that would be) I will probably order the Victoria filet and not opt for the huge steak.

I did order the Classic Cheesecake with the chocolate drizzle for dessert. I don't know whether it was because I was so full, the cheesecake was so rich, or whether there might have been something I missed in it that I am allergic to, but it was very difficult for me to eat it. Between Randy and I, we managed to polish it off. I didn't have any reactions that I could detect, so I think I've got a basic "eating out" plan for the future(probably minus the cheesecake)!

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