Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Anniversary--What to Do?

I am a bit frustrated in my attempt to come up with an idea of what to do in celebration of my and Randy's 12th Anniversary.

Even though I have been set free from the ties of corn and soy allergy, eating out is still a precarious experience.

The main foods I am avoiding at this time are: Garlic, Mushroom, Nuts(including coconut and palm oil), Celery, Cauliflower and Broccoli, peas and beans.

I am really wanting a grilled steak and maybe some onion rings and a nice salad. So far, I have found that Texas Roadhouse basically tells people with peanut allergy(read: me) to go someplace else. The Applebees site is absolutely no help as they don't have an ingredient list, and has a disclaimer saying they aren't responsible if you get something you shouldn't.

I really don't care to go the fast food route, but at this moment in time they seem to be the most helpful with accessible online ingredient information! My choices are limited, but at least I know what my choices are...

There is one place I have to call. It's called The Revolver, and serves locally grown food. It's very high-end and pricey, but may be worth it if they can offer anything I can eat!

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