Thursday, June 4, 2009

Allergenix-What it's like

In my best understanding, the Allergenix system has four protocols, or large groups of allergens, for which you are tested. These are: General foods, Whole Foods, Inhalants and Medications(which I believe have two parts).

When I went in to my first Allergenix testing, I had to turn off my cell phone and take off all jewelry. I also had to be well hydrated, and drink a water solution with some sort of additive added to it(sorry, don't remember the name).

The woman put some KY-jelly stuff on each of my middle fingers and hooked these metal clamps (for lack of a better term) on them. The metal clamps were attached with plastic coated wire to the Bax3000 Allergenix box, which is connected to the computer. She then pulled up my profile and ran the scan of I believe 350 foods. The lights were turned off to help me relax and have an accurate reading. I sat there with my hands up and fingers not touching while it did the scan.

The 350 foods are broken down into I believe 12 or 13 groups and if you come up allergic to more than one food in a group, don't despair, as you can be treated for the whole group in one treatment.

Allergenix follows the guidelines of NAET more than AAT in that they want to treat eggs and dairy before they treat anything else, even if you don't prove to be allergic to these top two food allergens.

So, the first day I had egg treated. The second visit I had milk treated. When I have something treated, I have to avoid it in all forms(food, on skin, breathing) until the next morning(one sleep cycle). I also have to avoid going shopping or out to eat for that amount of time, due to risk of exposure to what I was treated for.

I was told I may react to the treatment for the next day after the treatment, but the reaction should be mild and after that the allergy should be gone.

You can have up to 2 treatments done in one day, as long as they are 4 hours apart. I was going to make 2 appointments a day for the next two weeks, but the secretary suggested we take it on a once a day basis and see if I am able to avoid the things when they are doubled up or not. For instance, my next two things to be treated are vitamin C and then B-vitamins. If I were to have these both done on the same day, I would probably have to fast for the rest of the day, and I'm not sure I want to do that. My blood sugar tends to run low without fasting!

So, there's my little synopsis of Allergenix. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I just went through my Allergenix diagnostic process yesterday. How long have you been receiving treatments? Are you finding them effective? I am set to start in 2 weeks and my husband isn't convinced it will work, but I have high hopes.

Tanya said...

I started about the time of this post (June 2009) and had a few months of many treatments. Keep in mind that before doing alternative treatments, I had been diagnosed(via scratch tests, which we know don't cover all allergens) with allergies to 13 foods, 2/3 of the molds I was tested for, and nearly all pollens and animal danders. So, I was a mess!

After those months of many treatments, I would go in once a month or so to get what I call a "tune-up". I kept doing my food/other exposures diary to get an idea of what I might be reacting to, then in the office we did muscle testing to narrow it down, then I was treated with the Allergenix system.

While I cannot call it a cure-all, it has definitely helped me. I think it was worth the cost, since I no longer have to avoid all of those foods that I used to have to avoid. I am much more picky about foods now, though (trying to eat more natural, real foods and little processed). There are things in processed foods that still bother me.

As to the pollen/molds, I do still take an antihistamine on some high-pollen/mold days. The difference the treatments have made is that the antihistamines actually do the job, where before I was taking them every day and still reacting as if I had not taken them!

My hubby was skeptical too, but he saw the difference in me as I had the treatments and though he is still wary, because he doesn't know how in the world it works or how long it will last, he cannot deny the improvement in my health. :)