Friday, June 26, 2009

Chicken Moving Day

The Cornish Rocks are just over 3 weeks old today, and were very crowded in their horse trough home in the hot shop and ready for a change. Randy made a chicken tractor this week from materials we had laying around the farm (how's that for frugality?) and I moved the Cornish Rocks to their new home this morning.

In case you are wondering why they are so ugly looking, it's because they are getting their adult feathers. A molting chicken isn't the prettiest thing you ever did see, is it?

Once I got the Cornish Rocks moved, I cleaned out the horse trough, put some more wood shavings in, and transferred our Delawares over to the horse trough. They seem to be happier with their new surroundings, and hopefully they won't be trying to escape from here like they were the galvanized tub!

So far, I am very impressed with the Delawares. We have not lost ONE chick in this group, and they are very friendly and inquisitive birds.

Just for kicks, here is a pic of our other 4 chickens. We plan on passing these birds on before the Delawares are ready to take over the chicken coop. (Any takers?) The two roosters are Easter Eggers(aka Americauna), one hen is a Silver Wyandott and the other is an Easter Egger mutt that lays brown eggs. We get from 0-2 eggs a day with these gals, usually 1 or 2.

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