Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From AAT to Allergenix

It has been awhile since I have posted about my allergy treatments. My apologies! I have been busy finishing reading The Unhealthy Truth, planting the garden, and taking care of the kids full-time now that they are out of school. :)

My last allergy I had treated was Cat Dander. I was warned that this one very often has trouble holding. I'm not sure whether it held or not, but the cats aren't driving me nuts so maybe...

As I have mentioned earlier in my blogging, my AAT doc was getting the Allergenix system and I have started on that. It is a flat fee for the year to do the Allergenix, and I think I would have spent that flat fee on doing the rest of my allergens through AAT, especially if I had to have some treated more than once. So, last week I had the first Allergenix testing done, along with one treatment, and I went in on Tuesday this week and had the next treatment done.

So, just letting my readers know that I have switched over to Allergenix. If I am having some difficulty still, and we can't find it on the Allergenix system, I can hop over to the AAT system and pull up individual allergens and do the strength testing and treat them that way. From what I understand, the Allergenix system doesn't allow the user to do that.

More about Allergenix later! :)


Ann said...

Hello! I also switched from AAT to Allergenix. I would love to chat with you. Allergenix is not working for me as well as AAT. Since switching, a lot of my old allergy symptoms have come back. I have mcs. My doctor will not allow his patients to use AAT anymore. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

Tanya said...

I'm sorry to hear that the Allergenix isn't working for you as well as AAT. :(
I have had a few relatively mild reactions to foods, but have associated that with August/early September being my worst months since we have moved to OH due to the very high pollen counts now. I fully expect (hope?) that once the pollen counts go back down, the foods won't bug me again. Even though I am having environmental allergy symptoms, I still feel worlds better than in the previous years!
Also, it is really hard to completely avoid airborne things when we don't have air conditioning. I don't know whether I somehow messed up that treatment by being exposed to pollens or not.
As far as I know, my Allergenix doc is still doing AAT, but as far as I understand it he has fewer and fewer patients for that. I am hoping that he keeps it around!
Can you find another AAT doc in your area?
What is mcs?
Thanks for reading!