Friday, June 5, 2009

We've got Chicks!

Bright and early this morning....well, it wasn't bright since the sun wasn't even up yet...*yawn*...but anyway, early this morning we got the call from the Post Office letting us know that our chicks had arrived and were ready to be picked up.

Randy did the honor of driving into town and picking them up, leaving me to wake up a bit and find the light, chick feeder and waterer and other accoutrements to accommodate the wee fellows.

We had ordered 50 male Cornish Crosses. What we got were 52 total, with 3 of them not making the trip alive. This is to be expected, I suppose. So, 49 chicks in all.

They are out in the shop in an old horse trough. Can I say I find it hilarious to watch them huddle together, their eyes in one collective droop, and then the whole group falls asleep and sways off to one side and then all their eyes pop open as they wake up, startled, and start the whole process again? So funny! They are eating and drinking well already--I am going to have to refill the feeder in a few hours, I think. I only filled it about half full to begin with, but guess they are hungrier than I thought!

So...we need to get on the ball with building the Chicken Tractor....and within the next 7-8 weeks or so, we are going to have to find a chest freezer to put half of these guys in (our friends are getting the other half). Then we get to eat Real Pastured Chicken for at least awhile(half the year at one chicken/week), provided things go well and good.


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