Friday, April 1, 2011

Gluten-free, Nightshade-free Observations on Day 23

Here's my observations on my GF/Nightshade-free(pretty much tomatoes and usually peppers) diet.

1. I do feel much better in the gut. I did have a night a few days ago that it was hard to sleep because my belly hurt and I had itching issues...this after eating a little more sugar than usual that day AND eating rice(which I still have had problems with for whatever reason). And two Saturdays ago, I had what was probably red peppers in a bratwurst and that wreaked havoc on my gut as well. But once I got over that, things are feeling better (not sure if it's the gluten absence or not, though, but I do know the nightshade absence is doing my body good).

2. I have been losing some weight. Or maybe it's just the lack of bloating and such. But my pants are not as tight. I wasn't overweight at all before this, but I had some weight still from the last pg and w/o nursing, it was hard trying to lose it. The only thing now is that I get cold more easily...

3. I don't notice that I have spent a lot more on groceries. I am skeptical of the highly processed Gluten-free stuff and am trying to eat only "real food". Today I have a hankering for something....carby. I found this site that has lots of great ideas to do Gluten-Free Easily.

For gut healing, I am using digestive enzymes, taking a probiotic/drinking kefir daily(Kefir is supposed to get into the gut better than yogurt cultures.), and trying to incorporate bone broth into my diet.

I think it's doing my gut a favor not sending the harsh (to me) grains through my already irritated gut. I'm one who, before I figured out the "grains are a problem" thing, had very little trouble with white flour stuff, but the whole grain stuff just did a number on me. I think with leaky gut, all that bran and such is just tearing into the gut and making it worse...leading to more/repeat food allergies. Just my theory. It has been scientifically proven, though, that a damaged gut makes one more prone to developing food allergies.

I'm still not sure gluten is a problem though. I don't have more energy or anything like that, that others who have gone Gluten-free have reported. I think maybe the grains were/are more of an irritant or something to the gut(as in...yes, allergy, but more than that), and maybe once my gut is feeling better, I could probably tolerate them better. At least occasionally.

I am going to continue on the GF/NF thing awhile longer before I intentionally trial the Gluten. My chiro says the benefits are supposed to really show themselves at 3 months of being gluten-free. We'll see. My chiro and I are wondering whether I might be able to tolerate nightshades once I have been gluten-free for 3 months...I think she is planning on muscle testing me at that point for the dreaded tomatoes to see where I stand then. She is sort of thinking that it might all be a gluten-based-damaged-gut thing....and when the gut is re-damaged is when my allergens pop up again(my theory there---I am the only one coming back with reoccuring allergies to treat...).

Our wedding anniversary is coming up, and although we went to Lehman's, we didn't go out for dinner. I am still trying to figure out how to do that Gluten-free. I'm craving some lo-mein(and General Tso's, but that is definitely out due to the nightshade factor...), but not sure if I can get a definitive answer at the Chinese restaurant as to whether they are gluten-free or not...most days it's  just easier to stay home...


Anonymous said...

Hello to Tanya from Massachusetts. Keep up the good work in discovery and writing! Two years GF have yielded significant health and mood benefits for me. And like you, I too have experienced setbacks in terms of dairy, soy, xanthan gum, sugar (who needs it anyway?), and now possibly nightshades as well. Thank you for sharing your story; it is a boost to others who are on a similar quest. Wishing you much success and good health! -- Boston

Tanya said...

Many thanks for the encouragement! There are lots of days that I feel I am alone in all this, but I know I am not. In a way, that is heartbreaking (because what is our world coming to, if we can't eat the food we produce?) but it is also somewhat of a comfort to have someone who is going through/has gone through similar things and we can share ideas/info and not be looked upon as crazy.

My goal in writing this blog is to share my experiences and observations and hopefully help others who are also struggling. Overall, to give Hope.

You are right--this is very much a quest!

A little help and encouragement goes a long way! (from both sides of the computer screen!) :)

Thanks for commenting. :)