Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review: Ted Dekker's Circle Series....Black, Red, White, etc.

I admit it. I am a fiction snob. I have my favorites (generally historical fiction but also some light sci-fi) and the English major in me tends to shun uber-predictable formula fiction as, well, blase'.

Which makes it hard for me to find a read that I really, truly get into and not feel like I've wasted my time reading it.

I have waited for what seems like ages (well, it has been several years) to find an author who (in my opinion) shows promise of giving me some satisfactory escapism as I wait patiently for my other favorite authors to publish their next books.

That author of promise is Ted Dekker.

The first book I read by him, Showdown, was pretty good. I wasn't sold on him at that point, though. In Showdown, he writes about an area of Colorado I am fairly familiar with, and though the setting piqued my interest, the places in the book didn't exactly match the real deal. (well, duh, it is a fictional place...unless of course anyone has happened upon an underground monastery in those parts??? hehe) Most people wouldn't know that, though. I also realise, as I am mid-way through the Circle Series, that Showdown was probably written mid-way through writing this series(not sure, haven't checked all the copyright dates), as I think I remember some allusions to the Raison Strain in Showdown. I might need to give it a second chance...

I was introduced to Ted Dekker's Circle Series as I was listening to a friend describe to someone else the fascinating things happening in the book she was reading. After hearing the discussion, I had to get my hands on these books and give them a try.

Halfway through Black, and I was hooked.  Finally, a story with depth and meaning (well beyond the scope of the book)!  Last night I finished Red and then promptly started White.

The books are set circa 2010. Thomas Hunter, the main character, finds himself having dreams that are outlandish, yet have serious implications on the future of the "real world".  A virus called the Raison Strain is about to be set loose in the "real world" and Thomas seeks to find the information he needs in the dream world in order to save the "real world".

There is deep symbolism and many parallels in these books are to Biblical stories and people's(both historically and present) relationships with God. One overriding theme throughout the series is what is called the Great Romance. This is about the relationships both between the characters themselves and between the characters and God/Elyon. 

As a follower of Christ, these books have made me think more about my faith and and grow in my faith in Christ. I would recommend the books both to fellow believers and to those looking for a good edge-of-your-seat potential-end-of-the-world read.

Christian or not, I don't think you would be disappointed. Dekker has amazing talent and is a very gifted storyteller.

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Angie Shuttlesworth said...

I got a little bored toward the end of Red, but overall am a big Dekker fan. I liked Showdown and have borrowed the book(s) that follow it from a friend. I like Skin and Obsessed and House (with F. Peretti). Some of his thrillers are interesting, like
Thr3e and Bride Collector. I am glad you found an author you like and if we lived closer to one another, we could share books!