Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gluten-free, Nightshade-free Observations on Day 35

Main theme/rediscovery of the day: Processed foods are still not my friend.

I have had a really great week overall. I think part of it was completely stripping our bed and washing ALL bedding on HOT....and the other part of it has been diet.

I have had nearly a week of nights where I was able to - amazingly - not wake up with the itchy throat(like I've gotten accustomed to). It is an entirely new feeling to wake up, refreshed, having slept well! At the same time, I have noticed that my jaw is not nearly so tense either(less damage to the ol' teeth is a good thing). Makes me wonder at just how big an impact low-grade reactions can have on the body's system!

I have done really well with staying away from processed food with ingredients I can't pronounce.

Until last night.

I got brave(stupid?) in my feeling-goodness, and thought I would have some of my hubby's Kraft Roka Brand Blue Cheese Dressing & Dip (complete with the long words that require lots of research to determine where they come from--soy is at the top of the list, which should have raised a blazing red flag, but it also has sodium lactate, the ubiquitous natural flavor, xanthan gum, phosphoric acid, polysorbate 60, propylene glycol alginate, artificial color, vitamin E and Natamycin----what was I thinking?????? )....and last night I was itching again... Grrr.


Lesson learned(for now, until I get brave/stupid again). Stay away from the processed food-like substances, my dear. Only extra-virgin olive oil on the salad in the meantime...

Speculation:  last night's itching *could* have been from the rainstorm last night(more humidity--> more  mold), BUT it's been rainy off and on for the whole last week and I've been fine at night (great, actually) so it's most likely the dastardly salad dressing.

And now my lower GI is paying the price today. Maybe TMI, but it is what it is.

7 steps forward....3 steps back. 7 great days.....bad exposure.....3 days to get the symptoms of exposure back out of my system.

Live and Learn, eh?

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