Monday, May 23, 2011

To Plant, or Not to Plant...That is the Question

Yesterday was actually sunny and warm for a change. I think I heard someone say that in the last 31 days, we've had like 3 days of no rain. Which really makes for wet, mucky dirt in the garden and long flourishing wet lawns in desperate need of mowing.

We usually have our garden completely in around Mother's Day week. Needless to say, that didn't happen with all the rain. Any borderline dry day(as in not actively raining) has been spent in trying to get mowing done before it gets long enough that we would need to bale it. The garden has been way too wet to till, and then the tiller broke when hubby was making an experimental run through the garden and it is in the shop getting fixed (not that we can till anyway).

So yesterday, as the sun was shining and my seeds were crying out to me from their little packets, I went out and in an act of desperation started turning soil over with a shovel in the dryer end of the garden. Hubby deemed it too wet to plant in, and that it would turn to hard packed soil once dried and I really shouldn't plant. But I rebelled. I had to try. Just a little.

I felt like a grasshopper, rather than an ant, trying to take a nap earlier in the day.  I needed to do something out there in the garden!  Especially since there are 10 days of rain in the forecast! I'm dyin' here!

So, I planted a short little row of Royal Burgundy Bush Beans, and next to them I did hills of bush cucumbers and between the hills I put some beet seeds. I probably put them all way too close, but at least I got something in the ground! :)

Time will tell whether I should or shouldn't have planted, but I feel better for at least having a tiny patch of a garden in before June!

Here's the whole garden....(looks like the weeds are doing well, huh?) little patch is off to the left side.

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