Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 2011, Week 2: Can I really feed a family of 5 on $450/month?...Week 2, Shopping Report

According to my last grocery shopping post, I have $176.97 to work with for the rest of the month.

I went to the local grocery recently, and purchased:

~Wheat Sub Rolls (for "fancy" sandwiches) $2.99
~2 loaves of whole wheat/high fructose corn syrup-free bread $4.78

~box of marked down (but not expired) Gluten-Free Chex cereal $2.00
~bag of marshmallows $1 (thinking of maybe inventing a Chex marshmallow crispy treat - the Cocoa Pebbles treats worked great for camping/hiking last weekend)

~2 bags of white corn tortilla chips $5 (for nachos or taco salad or dipping in homemade Hummus)
~bag of popcorn (seeds) $1.49

~2 Gallons rbgh-free 2% milk $6.98

~2 heads of cabbage $1.66 and $1.70
~2 bags of carrots $3
~Celery hearts $2.69 (less waste)
~Romaine Salad mix $2.49
~head of Garlic $.52
~3-3lb bags of apples $8.97 (going to dry 2 bags of them and eat the others fresh)
~1 head Romaine $1.99
~box of mushrooms $1.98
~bag of oranges $2.99

Total came to $52.23

So, previous total of $176.97 - $52.23 = $124.74 left for the rest of the month!

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