Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 2011, Week 3: Can I really feed a family of 5 on $450/month?

So it's Week 3 of my little trial.

On Monday, I re-evaluated my menu and wrote a short list of things I needed from the store for this week.

I purchased the following from the health food store:

4 boxes of herbal tea $3.49-$3.59 each
2 half-gallons of Organic milk $4.89 each
half pound of pastured butter $4.49
Dozen local pastured eggs $3.35
Total came to $31.88

So....last week's tally showed I had $124.74 left for the month.

$124.74-$31.88= $92.86 left for the month

The breakfast selection is narrowing a lot, which is causing some of my kids to balk. Oh well, they still have options (which I don't really deem a necessary thing to provide) and they haven't chosen to go hungry yet! ;) I may make some muffins for the kids today...

 Rather than hamburgers last Thursday, I made a sort of enchilada casserole using a recipe working from the bag of corn tortillas, some cheese, ground beef, a can of green chilies, leftover sour cream/chipotle sour cream that was begging me to use it up...and a box of my gf Pacific Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup. It was a hit! (and no tomatoes!)

~Monday night we had the MuShu Beef(actually, venison) and Cabbage over Rice
~Tonight is Roasted Chicken and Roasted veggies (planning on making bone broth with the carcass)
~Wednesday night is Tuna Sandwiches, cut up apples and oranges, and part of our token bag of potato chips (Probably Tuna and GF crackers for me since I only have one slice of Udi's regular bread left...for some reason I don't think Tuna salad would be good on cinnamon raisin bread!)
~Thursday night is going to be Hamburgers, maybe a Tailgate salad (which I might double for our gathering on Saturday) and I'm thinking about making a big pot of baked beans to go with it or even have instead of the hamburgers--especially if I get around to making cornbread!
~Friday is Nachos, using the other pound of venison/onions I browned last night
~For our Saturday gathering, we are contributing a cold dish and a hot dish... still brainstorming, but am thinking maybe a white/green chili utilizing the leftover chicken meat, and Tailgate Salad? Or maybe instead of tailgate salad, I will bake a cake with one of the boxes of regular cake mix I still have around here...or...GF Crustless Pumpkin Pie?

So, that leaves a few things to work with for next week's menu:
~Venison Roast
~Chicken thighs
~Beans/Lentils and Rice/Cornbread
~Something Simple with quick clean-up --Church Game Night

My garden is offering up the following for me to incorporate into our menu: Beets, Butternut Squash, Chard, Kale.

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