Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Octover 2011, Week 1: Can I really feed a family of 5 on $450/month?...Continued

I went to the local health food store to get the items to fill out the other chunk of my grocery list.

Yes, the food there is Expensive. But it's local, and it's stuff I can't get anywhere else!

Here is what I got (I may have some of my bulk item prices mixed up, as my receipt doesn't label the bulk stuff):

~Whole Pastured Chicken $14.91--yes, that's for 1 bird. After raising our own from chick to dinnerplate, I almost don't blink at the price here, though.  Pastured=a bird that contains omega 3. Besides, I plan on using this bird for at least 3 meals. $5/meal for meat for a family of 5 isn't half bad.
~2 pkg pastured beef stew meat $6.71, $7.10
~2 dozen pastured eggs $3.35 ea
~Parsley $.73
~Organic cornmeal $3.11
~Extra Virgin coconut oil $9.89
~Raw Organic Pumpkin seeds $1.10
~Dry Garbanzo beans $1.11
~Udi's bread(GF) $5.29
~Udi's pizza crust(GF) $5.29
~Tub of honey $3.56
~Olive Leaf tea-to drink/give to family if they're fighting something $6.99

Total: $72.49

So, previous total of $249.46 - $72.49 = $176.97 left

I will post my Menu Plan soon! (Maybe by the week...we'll see!)  :)

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