Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 2011, Week 4: Can I really feed a family of five for $450/month?

Well, it's week 4. :)
Last Friday I went to the store and got the following:

2 Gallons rbgh-free milk $5
2 packages of cheddar cheese $3.29 ea
4 tubes of Grand's Biscuits (couldn't pass up at 50 cents/each!)
Marshmallows $1.89
3 cans baked beans $2.15 ea
Trident 1.29
Can olives 1.59
pork sausage 2.05
18 lbs apples for $15
Head lettuce $1.49
2 jugs cider $3.99 each
pack of mushrooms $1.98

I had $1.55 in coupons.

Total came to $51.75

So....Last week's total left: $124.74 - $51.75 = $72.99 left for the month

I plan to dry most of the apples I bought. Used much of the baked beans/marshmallows/cider in a weekend gathering.

I had a sick kiddo yesterday and she's home again today, so that makes me essentially homebound from going shopping (especially at the health food store, which closes before hubby gets home). I do want to pick up a few things...probably use the rest of my alotted amount up there as we are near the end of the month.

The menu for this week looks like this:

Monday: Biscuits and gravy (took advantage of the cheap biscuits and milk...for me, I had sausage, some leftover green beans/mushrooms from the fridge, and some canned peaches from the pantry. Had my little miss not been sick, I would have gotten some more GF baking mix and made myself some GF biscuits and used a GF thickener in the gravy and had biscuits and gravy with the rest of the family...).

Tuesday: Hamburgers, Salad, perhaps Tailgate Salad, Garlicky Pasta (to help fend off the sickies)

Wednesday: Sandwiches, cut up apples or Apple Salad?, Cole Slaw?

Thursday: Pinto Beans and ? (Tamale Pie?), Tortilla Chips?

Friday: Maybe leftovers, since the kids will likely be away that night...we'll see. I do have chicken and broccoli and carrots in the freezer...and rice, if I do need to make a full meal...

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