Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 2011, Week 1: Can I feed a family of 5 for $450/month?

It's the start of a new month! Let's see if I can manage to feed my family of 5 for $450 this month!

I have gone through my cupboards and written a rough menu for the next two weeks.
I have looked through the sales flyer for the local grocery store and written down the best deals for our family.
I have written the grocery list with the items from the sales flyer that I plan to get, as well as the other items I need to fill out the menu.
I went to the grocery store today. I will probably go to the health food store later this week/early next week to get a few items that I can't get at the local grocery store.

Here's what I got at the local grocery store: (S=sale item)

S-1 block muenster cheese, 2 blocks sharp cheddar $7.50 (should have gotten more at last week's sale!)

6 packages of tortillas $11.94 (oops, these were supposed to be the 10/$10 ones-gotta pay attention at the register!)
9 grain bread $3.99
100% wheat bread $2.39
12 grain bread $3.99 (I plan on doing a taste test with the 3 breads to see which one the kids like best)
Whole grain hamburger buns $1.69 (passed up the sale $1 buns for these)

Black Jewel popcorn kernels $7.49
Jalapeno mustard $1
S-Domino sugar $2.99
box English tea $3.19
Unbleached flour $3.69

S-5 packs of Handi-Snacks pudding $5
S-2 packs of Nestle hot chocolate $2

large jar of Nutella $7.29
S-1 can olives $1
S-2 cans spinach $2
S-3 cans yams $3
S-3 cans of pumpkin $3
markdown can of Bush's beans $1

S-Turkey (88c/lb) $11.62

Bananas $1.46
head cabbage $2.09
head lettuce $1.49
S-mushrooms $1.50
S-5# onions $2.50
Sweet potatoes $1.34
S-16 lbs potatoes for $4

S-12 bags of frozen veggies $12

Total came to $112.15

$450-112.15 = $337.85 left for the month

Menu for the next two weeks:
Breakfasts: Eggs, Oatmeal, Cereal left from last month, toast with peanut butter/nutella, "cheesy tortillas", zucchini or Spinach Quiche if I get around to it
Lunches for me/dh(kids do school lunches): Leftovers from Supper, regular/sweet potato with toppings, almond butter on Udi's bread...
Snacks: pudding, bananas, apples(fresh or dried), tangerines, popcorn, frozen peas/carrots, Chex mix, cheese, Halloween candy (hehe)
~Mexican Pizza (tortillas, refried beans/salsa/cheese/olives/sour cream)
~Roasted Chicken Thighs/beets/squash from the garden/mashed potatoes?
~Lentils/Rice or some sort (Dahl?)
~Runzas/Runza guts for those of us gf/low-carb, probably with a salad
~Homemade Pizza (pepperoni/mushroom/basil from freezer-I will use the remaining Udi's crust I have left from last month for me)
~Enchiladas (chicken or beef, haven't decided yet, have masa harina in the freezer to try making corn tortillas with fewer questionable ingredients)
~Stir-fry, probably beef with broccoli and carrots, over rice
~Sandwich night-probably peanut butter or tuna or hummus
~Hamburgers, mac 'n cheese, Tailgate salad or cole slaw
~Beefy Nachos (need to buy tortilla chips before I make this)
~Venison roast(possibly made into steaks/stew meat instead), mashed potatoes, corn
~Beans/cornbread-maybe a Green Chili?
~Chicken noodle soup--perhaps something intentionally made more immune-boosting like Ginger Mushroom Chicken Soup made using frozen veggies I purchased today, pasta I have on hand, and homemade chicken broth from the freezer
~One weekend meal will probably be a canned soup, since I have some in my stash that we need to use up

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