Monday, April 30, 2012

April 2012 Groceries: End of the Month

Sad to say, but this month I have gone over my $450 Grocery Budget, but true to my word, I only purchased milk at the Food Store this last week.

Food Store
Total: $9.98

Editing to add...found a receipt hiding in my purse....$12.76(chocolate/sweets binge...blushing here!)
That brings me to my Grand Total: $494.04.

This is $44.04 over my intended budget!
  • In order to stay on budget, I really do have to keep track and be aware of what I buy, constantly!
  • Start keeping track from the start of the month

  • Menu Planning is good for knowing "what's for dinner?" and not having to come up with a new idea each night when the clock's running

  • Keep away from the junk food! (ok, you can have *just a little*, but not like this last month!)
  • Don't shop hungry/with kids if you can help it

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