Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: A.J.'s Gluten-Free Heavenly Pizza

Finding food that is Gluten-free in a regular restaurant can prove to be quite a challenge.  One thing many Gluten-free folks miss when they get off the gluten is pizza. Many of the GF pizza crust mixes aren't, let's face it, all that great. There are some good options, but all too often they require time in the kitchen.

Some days a girl wants to have the choice to Not Cook and still have a tasty GF meal.

I recently had the opportunity to try the Gluten Free pizza offered at A.J.'s Heavenly Pizza of Findlay, OH.  If there is an A.J.'s near you, call ahead to see if they offer Gluten Free Pizza, because not all places do. It's not listed in the local advertising flier, but they do currently have it in Findlay! If I remember correctly, they charge you for the next crust size up due to the higher cost of the Gluten Free crust.

My husband brought the pizza home after work, and I hate to say it, but I was so looking forward to eating it that I forgot to take a pic of the entire pizza for the blog. (oops) So, this is what you get:

As you can see, it's a thin crust pizza, and they bake it on an aluminum tray to avoid cross-contamination issues.

This pizza was quite tasty! Even though it was a thin crust, it could still be picked up and eaten out-of-hand (something you can't do w/many gluten free pizza mix pizzas).  If I was willing to hand any over to my kids to eat, I am sure they would eat it without any problems(and for that matter, so would my husband)!

Overall, this pizza was a welcome treat in my---until now--Pizzeria deprived (unless I want to cheat and risk repercussions), Gluten-free life.  I haven't had any digestive or neurological issues like I had when, out of desperation, I cheated and ate regular pizza around Christmastime. I did take a digestive enzyme (more for the tomatoes that still sometimes give me problems) but I had taken one when I cheated and it didn't help much. So, for me, A.J.'s Gluten Free Heavenly Pizza is an option!

I am so glad to have this option open to me! Thank you, A.J.'s Heavenly Pizza of Findlay, OH! (I think you should promote your Gluten-Free option!)

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