Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 2012 Groceries: Weeks 3-4

Popping in for an update on my grocery spending. At the time of my last grocery post, I had spent $222 on groceries. I've got a bunch of receipts here, so let's see how I'm doing.

Local grocery S=Sale
Celery hearts
Blue Cheese salad dressing
3lb bag of Gala apples
S fresh mushrooms
S 3 cucumbers

S 2 blocks Cheddar
Laughing Cow cheese-garlic/herb

2 cans mushrooms
2 cans green chilies

Corned Beef-because I didn't get much at all this year and still have a hankering for it
Hormel nitrate-free Turkey lunchmeat
Hormel pepperoni sticks--going to try these instead of the other kind I tried and see if they bother me
S Honey ham lunchmeat (because it was on sale and the Hormel nitrate-free is so expensive at this store...compromise)
S Chicken Nuggets

2 bags small tortillas
3 bags burrito tortillas
loaf French Bread for "fancy sandwiches" for Family Night
2 loaves bread
S Cap'n Crunch and off-brand Honey Nut Cheerios (kids really didn't like this...weird, but that's probably good!)

S 2 Lay's potato chips
S 2 bags white corn tortilla chips
S 4 Totino's frozen combination pizzas (so I can only make my own gf pizza on Family Night)

S 4 Honest Teas
S 8-pack of Dr. Pepper.....one of many reasons not to go shopping when hungry and w/kids!

Total: $102.38

Food Store
3 half-gallons Organic Valley milk
3 dozen eggs
Chili powder
Sweets 'n Beets chips by Terra Nova (not a hit w/the kids)
Dried Figs
2 bags/boxes GF crackers (nuts/flax, NOT starches)
and a myriad of other things that I can't remember at this time
Total: $57.82

Food Store
4 boxes tea
2 half-gallons milk
Total $27.13

A mess of bagels, granola bars, cereal, RW Knudsen juices, Cocoa powder, chocolate chips, gourmet chocolate-covered potato chips (meh), yogurts, pack of cookies, pink sweetener, 2 packs Turkey kielbasa, hfcs-free jelly, canned beans, pasta
Total: $61.97

So.... $222+$102.38 + $57.82 + $27.13 + $61.97 = $471.30 Total so far

Bummer, I've gone over my $450 goal for the month. I'm thinking if I'd not purchased so many junk-food sale items, I'd be within budget.  Looking at that one shopping trip with the kids, I really spent a lot more than I had planned to...and was snookered into the "sales"....it was a before-dinner shop. Making a note to myself NOT to shop then if I can help it! (and I can help it....but I had put off a separate shopping trip, thinking to save gas $ and another trip into town....turns out that I may actually have saved more money if I had shopped sans children and earlier in the day).

Another thing I notice is how much wheat is in that one shopping trip! I've recently finished reading Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD, and all the wheat in my cart (even though I personally am GF) is really standing out to me.


I will go to the store and get some milk this week, since we used the last of it this morning. That's all I will get.

There, I said it here, so I have to stick to it, right?

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