Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Water Kefir Experiment Update

As promised, here are the results of my Water Kefir Experiment

First Batch:

I let the first batch sit for 3 days, strained it, and set another batch going.

This first batch was palatable, but not particularly something I would eagerly reach for as a refreshing beverage on its own.

I poured half in one pitcher and half in another.

In one pitcher, I added about half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice to about a quart of Water Kefir. Again, palatable, but not the awesome beverage I had hoped for.

In the other pitcher, I added about 1 tsp vanilla extract to the generous pint of Water Kefir and let this mixture sit on the counter for a day or two to increase the fizzy bubbles. This batch I found more favorable and I think I might be able to get the kids to at least try it, particularly if I can find some bottles to bottle it up in and hold more of the bubbles in so it's more like soda. (because I'm sneaky like that)


Michelle said...

Like the star of david glass!!! I collect the pattern.

Tanya said...

Thanks! I love them. Unfortunately, I knocked one of them on the cabinet and cracked it today...will have to keep my eye out for another one or two of them. They are usually very durable...they don't make them like that anymore! :)