Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eagerly preparing for Spring...

The sun was shining so happily that I could not resist going outside to tend to things.

I decided to work a bit in my neglected herb garden.  If anyone was nearby to see me out there, they probably thought I was having a personal glee day, as I was grabbing dead foliage and casting it up into the air and letting the wind take it away from the garden and over onto the grass.  I probably looked like I was celebrating, throwing my hands up and shouting "Hooray!".

Oh. Wait. Maybe I was doing that. Minus the shouting hooray part(at least out loud).

Or they might have thought I was crazy.

No matter. I found my oregano, my chives, my walking onions, my yarrow overgrown with weeds/grass (tomorrow, dear thing...), and unfortunately my lemon balm and peppermint everywhere I don't want it. (Note to my readers: I highly recommend planting these in pots or way far away from any of your other plants  you want to, in the next county.)

Sharing some pics:

Our daughter, who said she is freezing in the overgrown herb garden.

Chives peeping their leaves through the dead foliage. 

 Praying Mantis Egg Sac (of which I've found many in this garden) that I spared.

Wee Little Dandelion that dared to show its' face...flush to the ground.

 Lilacs beginning to bud out...

Wild Daylilies popping out of the ground...

Daffodils fixing to bloom any day now...

Cherry tree fixing to bloom...

Spring is on the way!

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