Monday, March 19, 2012

What's happening on Augsburger Farm?

I thought I would give another update as to what is blooming on The Augsburger Farm. I love spring, and can't wait to get things growing in the garden!

This Saturday, Grandma's old forsythia decided to bloom, as did the daffodils.

I looked out the window this Monday morning to see that the Nanking Cherry bushes are blooming as well!  Here's a few pics of them in early morning when I first saw them.

Here's a pic of them in full sun:


And a close-up.

Hubby say that now we need to get some bees! The last few years, pollination has been hit-and-miss and generally horrible as far as the berry bushes and few fruit trees go. We've not seen the bees the last few years like they were 8-9 years ago when we first moved onto the farm, abuzz everywhere we looked when things were in bloom. It's early yet this year, so we are hoping for the bee populations to rise so that they can do their job. 

The big cherry tree out back is taking its time in blooming.

 Perhaps it's waiting for the bees?

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Jeanette said...

Looks like spring is right on track with the calendar. We've got aways to go snowing and cold here in Gunnison CO.