Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update: Charlie's Soap Day 377 and counting...

Over a year ago, I had posted about the wonderful Charlie's Soap purchase I made on Amazon. The price has gone up nearly $6, but I'd say it's still a great price and  heartily recommend it.  There may be better deals out there. :)

I had expected the Charlie's Soap to last me a year, and it was worth it to me at that price.

But guess what? I have only used about half of it and expect the remainder to last me another year!

I worried about it hardening into one large clump with our humid summers. I put a couple of those nitrogen packs in the big bucket as I found them throughout the year(pill bottles, shoe boxes, etc) and haven't had any problem with clumping/hardening.

I have not purchased any other laundry detergent in the last year. I do sometimes use a separate stain remover (one kid in particular is good at getting clothes good and dirty...), or a squirt of Dawn if there are exceptionally greasy stains.

I do not use commercial fabric softener due to allergies. I use vinegar in the rinse(when I remember) and this seems to help my towels be softer and to cut down on static a bit. And I use dryer balls...or I did for most of the last year, but they died so lately I've not been using them.

~Rockin' good price
~No fragrances to cause allergic reactions in myself or my kids
~Cleans well
~Lasts forever

What's not to love?

All in all, I'd say this purchase is well worth the initial cost!


River Glorious said...

Hi, Tanya.

My husband purchased some, so I haven't tried it yet. We're expecting it in the mail any day. I'm also interested in making my own laundry detergent.


Thanks for posting.

Michelle said...

I love Charlies Soap too. I think it makes my clothes softer. I recently got my mom and daughter to change over. Wait until they find out they won't be buying laundry soap for 2 years. :-) I'm not going to tell them.