Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 2011: Can I feed a family of 5 for $450/month?

Posting about my grocery purchases has kept me rather accountable, so I plan to continue keeping an online record for a while longer.

In the interest of saving gas money (and avoiding impulse purchases), I opted to shop at our local health food store and grocery rather than to drive 20-30 mins to the larger stores.

Head Lettuce: 1.49
Celery .99
5 3lb bags of apples(most of which I plan to dehydrate) 2.99 each
Mushrooms 1.50
4 red peppers 1.00 ea
4 bags frozen mixed veggies $1 ea
2 bags frozen broccoli $1 ea

9 8oz pkgs various cheese, on sale for 3/$5
Daisy Cottage Cheese $2.99
3 half-gallons rbgh-free milk $1 each
Amish Smoked Cheese $4.29 (this is my splurge item--for snack this week-real smoked cheese, not "smoke flavored")

Bacon $2.49 (to help me vamp up breakfasts)
Meat Valu Pack- $19.99 Not great health food and not an awesomely healthy purchase, but I figured it was a good way to have backup food in case we are snowed in this winter or the electricity goes out and we need some quick to prepare meats: 2 packages sausages, ham slice, bacon, hot dogs

3 pkg burrito tortillas $2.09 ea
1 pkg fajita tortillas $1.59
2 loaves WW bread $2.39 ea
Baker's Chocolate $3.49
Freeze Pops for the sick kid $.50
2 Hunt's Snack Pack puddings $1 ea
2 Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce $.98 ea
1 pkg WW Spaghetti $1.79
Brown Sugar $1.50
5 cans pumpkin $1 ea
2 cans evap milk $1 ea

Total came to $114.16

Health Food Store:
(No eggs :()
Beef stew meat $6.71
Beef ground 5.89
GF Pizza Crust $6.65 (to be posted about soon!)
GF Tortillas $3.59
2 loaves Udi's bread $3.99 ea
Tea 3.39 and 3.59
Rice noodles $2.69 (new to me--going to try with fish sauce, below)
Fish Sauce $3.49 (new to me)
Tinkyada pastas $3.59 and $3.19

Total came to $50.76

Since the HFS didn't have eggs, I ran across the street to Family Dollar and got:
2 dozen commercial eggs $2.40 ea
1 carton Egg Nog (dh's favorite--I try to get it at least once/year for him) $2.75

Total came to $7.55

Grand Total Spent: $172.47

So, $450-172.47= $277.53 left for the rest of the month

Menu plan for the month is Here.


Michelle said...

I have been avoiding traveling the 20-30 mins if I can. I have become to hate traveling in the city. I haven't been since July. I splurged and went to the farmers market and stopped at a couple places on Saturday. I am really loving the red potatoes I got from the farmers market. I am planning on planting at least 10 plants this next year.

Tanya said...

With gas prices like they've been and having an SUV, I find myself very careful about where I go and how often...I try to kill as many proverbial birds with the same stone as I can, otherwise the budget doesn't work out!
Let me know how the potatoes turn out--do you know much about growing potatoes? I have some red potatoes that have started growing in my pantry(bummer). I don't want to eat them, but I wonder if they would survive to grow in the spring if I put them in the ground now?